Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thank God The sleeping Giant has awoken...

After WWII America went back into a deep sleep...after being awoken by Japan's Imperial attack then defeat!
Now the new threat has arisen's called the Progressive Party USA #Obama #Clinton administrations...and to their proverbial surprise America has awoken again from a deep~deep sleep...almost too late, but alas we are awake... taking names and kicking ass once again!

 For all the dumbed down College students who wonder why they are deep in debt with college loans for degrees in Protesting 101...Sexual Adventures 102...Bitching and Complaining 103...Whos on First and whos on Second 104 and the only job available after graduation is flipping burgers ...which is a entry level job for HS students to gain work experience...well duh yup y'all have been dumbed down and became useful Idiots! 

Here let me educate you since your progressive college professors ( used loosely) played y'all : 

Your homework assignment on who and what the #Obama and #Clinton administrations are all study and learn...then maybe just maybe you will wake up and demand real college courses be taught so you too can prosper in the real world!

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