Sunday, November 13, 2016

Should Trump lock Hillary up?

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Saturday, April 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
oped: First and foremost Donald Trump made many promises while campaigning ..he engaged the electorate and strongly stated he was not the establishment and would correct all the wrongs committed by the establishment on both sides of the aisle ie: "Drain the Swamp" For him to know say "I am the President" and have to start work on the economy ...which is all good ..however he was elected because of all the promises he brush them aside now that he has grasped the golden ring of office just makes him also part of the establishment and his credibility will suffer from such!

Once only a popular rallying cry, “lock her up” could take on a very real meaning now that President Elect Donald Trump is heading to the Oval Office.
During the third and final Presidential debate, Donald Trump told Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton that if he became President, he would, “instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor into your situation.”
Throughout his campaign, Trump questioned the legitimacy of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server.  He referred to her email scandal as, “bigger than Watergate,” and argued that she was, “protected by a rigged system.”

Now he has won the presidency, and Clinton is shaking in her pantsuit that she is heading to jail.
When FBI Director James Comey did not recommend charges for the second time, Trump said, “Unbelievable what she gets away with.”
While the process of putting Clinton behind bars would be a long one, Trump could very well restart the investigation, and potentially land her in jail.
Should he follow through with his threat to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton, the inquiry would have to reveal that she did in fact violate criminal law. From that point, she would have the right to a fair trial in which the prosecutor would have to argue against the original evidence that led the FBI to not recommend charges.

While it’s anything from impossible, there is plenty of speculation he would actually follow through with the prosecution.
Trump praised Clinton during his victory speech, saying she was owed, “a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.”
However, some Republicans have called for Trump to pardon Clinton as an act of unity, a gracious act that could help heal the post-election divide.

Some political analysts believe Trump doesn’t actually want to prosecute her. “Whatever you think of Donald Trump, I don’t believe he really thinks he would put Hillary Clinton in jail. The President has no authority to jail people, and people in her position don’t normally get sent to jail for first offenses,” conservative lobbyist Curt Levey told The Guardian.
While he couldn’t personally put Clinton in jail, we can think of one potential Attorney General who would love to have that honor.
The Horn News predicted Rudy Giuliani could potentially be appointed as Trump’s Attorney General.
“The crime was pretty bad, exposing national security information to countries we know can take it from us… and for that, you shouldn’t be allowed to get off,” he told Fox News.

In August, he spoke to Fox News about the Clinton Foundation, saying, “If I was attorney general, I would indict the Clinton Foundation as a racketeering enterprise.”
While the mainstream media doesn’t believe Trump would truly “lock her up,” this election has taught us that they can never be trusted.
— The Horn editorial team


  1. Our nation has many problems, and Mr. Trump will be tested early and often. We have more important issues than prosecuting a tired, old, has-been politician who’s career is certainly over. If Ms. Clinton can have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and completely admit her sins/crimes concerning the emails and the Clinton Foundation, then maybe Trump can be gracious and lenient. The Clinton Foundation would also have to be shut down and cease doing business. Like I said, we have many more important issues facing this country than revenge against the Clintons. Let them fade away into obscurity.
    • Just as Trump has promised to undo all of the damage that Obama has done to our country, he should also follow through with the promise to appoint a special commission to look into all of her shady dealings, and finally let due process run it’s course. Depending on whether or not she is found guilty she should be dealt with accordingly.
      • If he does not keep to his word to have an independent investigator follow through, then We The People can believe NOTHING he said.
        My hope is that he will keep to his word.
        Psalm 15:4 Telling us who are those of God and who do that which is pleasing in the sight of the Lord tells us of keeping your word>>>>> “He who sweareth to his own hurt and changeth not”
        • If you break the law why should Hillary be above That time after time she lied about emails sorry but if any of us did half of giving away u.s secrets we would go jail
          • I agree with you . If it was one of us we would be in prison for life. They should all be locked up.
      • I agree. If anyone of us had lied under oath to Congress and the FBI or destroyed evidence under Congressional subpoena, (or any other subpoena), we’d be prosecuted! She should be treated no different than any other criminal. I’m sick and tired of the Clintons thinking they are above the law.
        • One of Trumps top priorities should be to get the investigation moving on prosecuting her BECAUSE there are many people that have been imprisoned for making stupid mistakes against our government! Either let all the rest out of prison that made “MISTAKES” or finish the job & go after the “Hill & Bill” show!! Trump has to show all of us & the world that he backs his words with action or he will be just another “politics as usual” president like O’Vomit!
          • Both the Clintons and Obama (Official B.C. is phony) should be investigated by an Independent Grand Jury with full sopeona Powers and no formal ties to his administration. He should announce as soon as he gets into Office, but indicate that it can’t begin until his 3rd. year in Office when he will be almost a Lame Duck and his politically productive days will be over!
          • I LIKE your O’VOMIT, The DEMS roit and destroy and cry rivers when they don’t get way. Since we don’t go that route, we just vomit until we can’t do anything else.
        • that is what makes CRIMINALS , they see a government NOT PROSECUTING those cause they are at the “TOP” of the food chain ? the pick n choose of prosecuting has to STOP ! if they break a law especially on the level of top government officials ? its time to show AMERICA they are NO DIFFERENT! she should be PUNISHED FOR HER CRIMES TO AMERICA period.
        • I fully agree with the posts above….but only add that her husband should be included, along with Obama, as he also has lied about the e-mails, saying that he knew nothing about them. Yet, the
          “Perfect One,” he communicated with Hillary on her e-mail system, so he had to have known her e-mail address, in that it was different from her State Department address.
      • Don’t forget Obama, he became President, was reelected not born in the United States, fake social security and birth certificate .
        According to the U.S. Constitution, if you are not born in the United States you cannot run for President. Period…. I hope they
        Will open that case too.
          • Agree!! Trump MUST deal with O’Vomit as well! Hill & Bill aren’t above the law any more than O’Vomit, so why shouldn’t they be prosecuted? Treat them like the crooked criminals they truly are!!! Come on, Trump! Don’t be like them & let them get away with what they have done to America & US!!!( And YOU also!!!)
        • Hey, Gerry, get over his birth situation. The highest courts haven’t ruled against his citizenship-rather ruled in his favor. We have lots of really important issues facing us. Quit chasing ghosts!!
        • There is very little doubt that Obama is a fraud, but our feckless Congresses, four in a row, have failed to launch an investigation into his real persona. They have also failed repeatedly to Impeach him and any other malefactor. The current 114th Congress could and should impeach Obama, Clinton Holder, Kerry, Panetta, Dempsey, Rice, Mills, Abedin, Under Secretary of State Kennedy, Koskinen, Jarrett, and such others who have been dilatory in their duties. In such a situation, Obama would be powerless to grant them pardons nor could President Trump in sympathy do so per Article II, Section 1, Clause
          The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment. Article II, Section 1, Clause 1. Donald Trump could and should demand that the 114th Congress in its “Lame Duck” Session do the correct and honorable thing; Impeach at minimum Obama and Clinton.
      • This will never happen , Clinton and her Cronies including Soros will all receive blanket clemency two days before Obama leaves office. He is most likely involved with the Clinton foundation also and doesn’t want to be implicated along with the ones who would turn RAT !!! none will ever spend a day in jail , that has already been shown to be true. and there are republicans in Washington that will never let Mr Trump do what needs to be done. being politically correct will always be the way it will be. it’s like taxes once they they approve a tax it will never be repealed .
        • To get a pardon, it requires an admission of guilt, or conviction…something she has denied many times over, so I don’t see a pardon at all, and there should be a special prosecutor to finish the investigation and report findings. Comey was “covering his a..”
      • That was my “OTHER” vote also – my only addition would be to expand the investigation to include Huma, Cheryl, Podesta and Schultzie. The Clinton Foundation needs a full investigation.
      • Yes, he should follow thru has much as possible but also on Hillary,
        Let her stew about this for a few months. Keep it out of the news.
        If she has a conscience , let it work on her. But keep her out of his news!!!!
      • I agree completely.. if she is found to have committed a crime she should stand trial… just like we would have to if we did…
      • Yes, Trump must do what he said and NOT bail out of his promises.
        Lessons must be taught so Clintons do NOT happen again.
    • Losing face might possibly be enough but she would still be behind dangerous projects and husband just out being a sex addict. How they can face any one is unimaginable. She has no idea show she shows as an nut job and believes everything she says. She needs to be quaking in her boots at all times but still she is not worth the money that would be spent. Just aware, she best not cross a line or else. Lets pray Mr. Trump make it thru the crazies out there right now.
      • Losing face wasn’t enough for several people currently in jail for similar, but lesser, offenses.
        Curt Levey’s “people in her position” says it all. Are we going to regress to a monarchy-like system, where our version of royals and aristocrats can do anything that suits them, without fear of repercussion?
        If not, then there needs to be an investigation by an organization that does not have a biased director, and if that leads to indictment and conviction, then it would be no different from what other Americans would have to endure in a similar situation.
        The Clintons are not demi-gods, even if they and those addicted to them think they are.
    • You are dreaming. Trump should take care of one problem at a time. He has said he will work for the people, and the people want justice. Lock her up. You do the crime you serve the time.
      • Trump doesn’t have to “take care of” Hillary; all he has to do is direct his Department of Justice to look into the matter.
        It will then take a course that is normal and usual for the DoJ, while Trump is dealing with other issues.
    • Wrong O BIG Time!
      Why Wrong?
      This criminal mind is slipping by you American Sheep’s noses every day, and you prefer NOT to rout its ugly head from your nation’s top echelon, and now is the worst time that this evil has enjoyed its worst rule over and enslavement of you Americans.
      Don’t you get it yet, you nation of beguiled, enslaved sheep?
      How dead in your sin you are . . .
      • Claude, you are right. Nothing will change. This stinking government plans to turn us all into
        work slaves for their stinking corporations.
    • Disagree.If a crime was committed,she should do what everyone else would have to do.If this includes jail time,then so be it.Aren’t we sick of pardoning criminals yet??
    • Her little whelp pup, Chelsea is said to be thinking about running for CONgress so we need to hammer them all for their crimes to prevent that.
    • If we don’t prosecute, then it gives future politicians the wrong impression that it’s okay to lie, steal, commit crimes, commit treason, to give our secrets to other governments, and all else she and Obama have done… And it’s NOT okay. Do the crime, I don’t care who you are – then do the time and that’s what we need to do. Prosecute to send the message that it’s NOT okay and you’re NOT going to get away with it. It’s a matter of principle and law.
    • If we don’t prosecute, then it gives future politicians the wrong impression that it’s okay to lie, steal, commit crimes, commit treason, to give our secrets to other governments, and all else she and Obama have done… And it’s NOT okay. Do the crime, I don’t care who you are – then do the time and that’s what we need to do. Prosecute to send the message that it’s NOT okay and you’re NOT going to get away with it. It’s a matter of principle and law. If the law is not enforced, then the law becomes a joke… We can’t have that.
      • Where do you get that Trump and Hillary are friends. If Trump wants to prosecute Hillary he needs to wait until he is President and Obama is gone. Hillary has blamed everyone for her lose except herself. She had more baggage than a train. She lied about everything she was asked.
    • the clintons will NOT ‘fade away’ they are fighting back – and hard – they have access to almost a BILLION dollars in their several ‘foundations’ and lots of political influence.
      They are already buying chelsea and the now -deadbeat dad – a house next to them. They have told of plans of ‘easing here’ (means buying) her the 17th congressional seat where an OLD duffer is about to retire – they plan on STAYING in politics and trying to keep chelsea ‘clean’ to be THEIR next shot at the WH.
      I say RE investigate the clintons, ALL of them – inclusing chelsea who if old enough for politics is old enough for JAIL, as she participates in the tax fraud scam of the ‘foundations’
      NO more clintons, kennedys, obamas, bushs, or any of their offspring or realtives in politics.
    • They are not ever going to fade away…that is a fairy tale for kind gullible Americans…they will be grooming Chelsea to take over for Hillary’s role and after that her children….Hillary will become like Eleanor Roosevelt for the fawning left and by the time Chelsea and kids get in the younger generations will not even know about their sordid past due to the fact that they are one of America’s richest and most powerful families…..
      LOCK HER UP!!!!
    • I agree, Mr. Trump has bigger fish to fry, but can’t take the issue off the table until President Obama is forced to pardon her for all her sins. Once she is pardoned, she will be forever in the eyes of the world a “crook” (that satisfies my blood thirst). The Foundation, investigated by IRS, rules it an international money laundering scheme; all monies confiscated leaving the Chelsea Clinton to find a real job and sadly Bill and Hillary living off their legally earned government pensions.
    • When you have people, even high-ranking soldiers who, intentionally or unintentionally, violated security laws and are being incarcerated for far less offenses, you have to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her whole family, not just for using an unsecured server and phones, but for their bizarre and very, very questionable, scandalous Clinton Foundation activities. If she and her husband are not prosecuted, then it would be a horrible miscarriage of justice and indicative of a gross double standard. The politicized FBI and the Dept of Justice should also be cleaned out and sanitized, not only for these Clinton crimes, but these officials, the present AG and FBI Director, should be brought up on charges for their lack of law enforcement involving these riots now occurring in several cities. These are not peaceful protests; they are property-damaging, life-endangering riots deliberately paid for by the George Soros and company. And where is Mr. Obama ? He is the chief law enforcement officer. If he truly wants a peaceful transition of power, then he should speak out against this deliberate violence perpetrated by Soros and his hoods. Better yet, federal officials should arrest Soros and his minions. There is plenty of proof that Soros and others are responsible for this lawlessness, even during the presidential campaign.
    • NO WAY; it is crucial that Trump starts honoring his campaign promises. Continuing with the prosecution of Hillary is the most important
      because it will put an example to other crook politicians. They need to see that crime and law breaking in USA is punishable at all levels; there should not be two standards, one for the people and another for the powerful individuals.
      If Trump fails to do this, he will look like Bush in 2000, pardoning Bill Clinton.
      The majority of the people who voted for Trump do want justice and fairness restored in America.
    • Perhaps not “jail time”,however, Clinton foundation disbanded, all monies distributed to actual charities (soup kitchens, Etc.) confinement to the mansion of her choice with tracking ankle device and a ban from any further political involvement, include the serial rapist in the same conditions, her daughter also. The entire family was aware of her activities. The thought of Chelsea continuing the family “legacy” is unacceptable, she will clearly be influenced by her parents.
    • The process with continuing the investigations with both Bill and Hillary should not be interfered with by a president. Whether it’s Trump or Obama, makes no difference. It’s obstruction of justice and this is the kind of stuff that has to stop and one of the reasons Trump won the election. Not going forward with an investigation into many things yet to be uncovered would be a terrible mistake and could even be disastrous for this country.
    • YES…Lock her up, only after Jan 20th when there is no poss of pardon. She IS part of
      our nations problem, the lying and crookedness, murders ect on and on IS the reason
      our country is so far down the toilet. All to line her pockets with riches and power.
      True she lost the election and should fade away, but her GREED wont let her, so she
      in my opinion should be FORCED away….Lock her up.
    • Yes, but let us not forget we are a democracy and as such, one very important concept is The Rule of Law. Equal justice (or punishment) for everyone. Do the crime, do the time.
    • Look, a poor man in many areas of our country would go to jail for stealing a loaf of bread for his family. Clinton has been involved with very possibly loss of life situation. To me,Trump should insist on a special prosecutor, and let her have her day in court!! If she is found guilty, then if Trump thinks it best to show her mercy, then he could pardon her. He said that justice would be done concerning Clinton and as a very strong backer and worker for Trump I would be very upset if he didn’t follow through on this!! Also, he can thank Christians for coming out for him for his success, and I feel certain that he won’t forget that!! We need to keep praying for him, all of us!! God Bless.
    • Arthur Hartsock, what you said is very Christian and gracious; towards NORMAL folks. But the Clintons are not normal folks. Hillary is literally a witch, and Bill is a sex predator. As a Christian, I would love to see them come to Jesus, but I honestly don’t see that happening. They are both psychopaths, which don’t have a conscience. They honestly don’t believe they are EVER in the wrong, and it is always someone else’s fault. They are also dangerous. Research about the Clinton body count. (people who got in their way, especially Hillary’s) They both belong behind bars, where they cannot hurt anyone again.
    • There you go again JWB ….another Hillary shill still hopin your all that she’ll get her off the hook!
      You’re a real hoot!
      She will stand before a jury at some point in time come 2017…..if she did no crimes, then she is well and no need for her to panic nor fear, BUT….if she is found otherwise, her future is from behind bars!
    • jwb – your true colors are on full display find another web sit to darken with your uninformed crap we aren’t interested in what you attempt to vocalize in a non coherent manner.
      • Exactly. Trump never said he’d “lock her up”, he said her situation needs to be looked into.
        Dismissing that runs contrary to one of his chief campaign stances and will appease only those who didn’t support him anyway, while angering those that did. Justice must be done. It is in everyone’s best interest to investigate these matters fully and if theee is not enough evidence for charges, explain that then let it go. If there is though, then it must be allowed to proceed naturally, without fearing how it might look or who it might upset. There’s a reason the lady wears a blindfold.
        The reputation of the DOJ and the FBI has been heavily tarnished by these shenanigans and they, above all, deserve to vindicated by allowing them to perform the function they exist for, not only without fear or favour, but without the appearance of it as well.
        If no charges are forthcoming, a full explanation of how and why Giuliani’s 19 or so 18USC laws don’t apply in Hillary’s case to put it to rest
    • Another blivd, happily-enslaved American sheep?
      Either wake up to the fact that Hitlery Clinton is standing at the head of the SLAUGHTER LINE OF SHEEP you STAND IN, OR YOUR TURN FOR BEHEADING IS VERY NEAR AT HAND.
    • Trump can take the time to make one phone call.
      That call is all it would take to set the Department of Justice in motion – it’s their job, not his.
    • I disagree totally he should appoint a prosicutor and turn him loose on her and Omuslime, Neither of these low lives need to be allowed to continue in any government job, and the Clinton crime family should be shut down perminatly never allowed to raise any money from ANYwhere
    • She wouldn’t be his legacy, you’re a fool if you think so. Her prosecution would be the People’s legacy. The day we said enough is enough, we will no long tolerate such blatant corruption.
    • Lets break out in the “Battle Hymn of the Democracy”. …..and to the democracy for which it stands…. What part of Republic don’t they get??
  3. Yes, hillary should be put in jail, but not at this time. Let the dust settle and jobs are created and people are happy. Then, when the time is right, start the proceedings to prosecute her to the full extent of the law. Doing it now will cause riots and hard feelings all the way around. Not only that, that is not his style. When the time is right he will make his move.
    • Meanwhile, Trump will lose the trust of honest Americans who don’t betray their country and who work for their money rather than collecting it from foreign countries and at the rate of $250,000 (or more) for an hour of “speaking.”
      Trump won because of we who trusted him, and we will drop our support of him at the first sign of him colluding with the liberals/progressives/Marxists.
    • I think that Trump should wait until he is in office before doing anything about Hillary. If he even states that he will take her to trial, OBAMA will pardon her and she will be getting by with all her illegal doings and her lies and it will all be for nothing.
  4. President Trump must keep his campaign promise and follow through with appointing a special counsel to lead an investigation into Hillary Clinton from present campaigning back to her time as Secretary of State and her earlier business dealings as far back that statute of limitations will allow and let the wheels of justice roll. If convicted, She must be sentenced to the maximum penalty that the law will allow because there is no higher crime than violating the trust of the American people. Weather Hillary is convicted or not, there must be a legal precedent set to put all politicians, cabinet appointee’s and government officials on notice that we the people of these United States of America will not put up with corruption in our government and that these same representatives of the people are not above the law.
  5. Yes Hillary should be prosecuted for all her crimes, but cant that wait till Trump is actually President? Notice that he hasn’t yet picked his Attorney General yet. All this talk about Unifying the Country may be a smoke screen masking his real intentions so that Obama might not pardon her. Be patient. Smile a lot, Genuflect toward the Marxist Progressives. They can be dispossessed of their power later.
  6. Hil-Liar-y and her “band of thieves” left a trail of destruction behind, including “her DEPLORABLE clueless followers” out on a rampage of VIOLENCE in her honor. President Trump has already “hit the ground running” to start fixing the messes. In an effort to keep peace, with the violent “Democratic Deplorables” at large, he might do better to yes, have her labeled for the crime, but not waste his precious time with charges, in exchange for her PERMANENT EXIT from any further American political seat……..and to include her “baby Hil-Liar-y from any office in government.
    Personally, I would like to see them in jail…….but her Soros’ paid deplorable demonstrators might be forced to retreat.
    • Sheep! You stand in the many slaughter lines Hitlery and her ilk man the guillotines where the blood and sheep heads descrate the soil.
      WAKE UP!
  7. You would think that Hillary would want a hearing and a trial to SHOW the world that she has committed no crimes!
    However, she KNOWS otherwise and is fearing for her freedom to be taken from her for her many crimes against this nation!
    May Almighty God bring her fully down with true justice, just as He gave us Mr. Trump to be our next President!
  8. lock her up in a safe place where she will do not more harm to herself and others… the woman will be out there behind the scene to get even to the people who she felt did her wrong. too many mysterious death have followed this woman for decades…
    • She has to be indicted first – no prosecuter would even attempt that, except that crazy, ugly SOB Giuliani, the Mob’s hit man
        • Paul Williamson, remember this?
          “You can fool some of the people some of the time,
          You can fool all of the people some of the time,
          But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.
          This election proved it. Goodbye Hitlery and her mafia.
          God bless President Trump!
  9. I believe the proper penalty for her crimes is the death penalty. At the very least she and the large group around her should get a life of time for her life of crime. I believe that the America hating, communist, Trojan Horse, White House squatter will pardon her because she could (and would) take him down with her.
  10. There should be a special prosecutor named to look into Hildabeast criminal situation and if findings conclude charges should be filled . Then charges should be filled and if convicted she and all connected should be sent to Gitmo for crimes against THE UNITED STATES !
  11. Absolutely and lock both Bill and Chelsey up as well for their involvement in the Foundation and to save us from another Clinton political campaign (Chelsey) – all three are lying, cheating thieves and guilty of crimes against “We the People”. If this were 18th Century France instead it would be (Off with their Heads)..
  12. The whole CLINTON family belongs behind bars!! Quick- before Chelsea tries to be queen like her mother wants to be. Chelsea is possibly planning to run for congress. She will eventually try to run for first woman. NO WAY!!
    If we do have a FIRST WOMAN President- i hope it will be a woman with BRAINS, STYLE ,GRACE. Like say maybe….. IVANKA. Now that is a WOMAN!!! And SHE IS A WOMAN with BRAINS and STYLE and GRACE!! And SHE LOVES AMERICA. The Clinton on the other hand LOVE America ONLY for their gain. Nothing more
  13. I would have the special prosecutor do their investigation. If they find her guilty of any one or more of her illegal activity, place a hefty fine on the Clintons and remove her ability to do more of the same. Hillary did some good which we tend to overlook because of all the other wrongs. So I would not recommend jail time. She should be made to report her finances at least once per month.
  14. Would love to see her locked up however the President can not do this. We must let the investigation continue and leave prosecution to the Justice department. That is how it works. We cannot have a system where any one person decides who gets prosecuted.
  15. If the law was broken, by Mrs.Clinton, then then there would be evidence to prove…her crime.
    Our Constitution is our governing law. Future cases will depend on whether we follow this, it’s guided us this far. Don’t abandon what everyone has died to protect .
    Unless your not an America.
    • 99.99% of the SHEEP making comments here are so dumbed down by the ilk of Hillary and her puppeteers they are incapable of reason.
      America is DEAD.
      • Hey ClaudeA–I believe that if you talk to a REAL American you would know that America isn’t dead but it IS badly wounded. We are still standing although not as steadfast as we used to be. I agree with you that it won’t be long before we are dead if we don’t get a handle on all the corruption!!
  16. close down her foundation, give all the money back, Put her in jail for 6 months, make her apoligize to all the other people who have done similar crimes.
  17. As usual with Alarmist “News,” The Horn asks the political inflaming questions completely WRONG:-)
    It is NOT Trump’s or any one other individual to “lovk Hillary up.” It is the honor and duty of you American SHEEP to do YOUR OWN DUTY and RESPECT for HONESTY AND JUSTICE, TO DISCOVER AND THEN CHARGE HILLARY WITH ALL HER OFFENCES against you.
  18. The investigation should be reopened. If Hillary is found guilty (I believe she is) she should be punished.I don’t believe Trump will take any action on this. His followers should get used to it there are many broken campaign promises yet to come.
    God Bless America, God Save The Republic.
  19. On one if my hard drives I have a folder named “Global Bonddage.” Into this folder I save all the articles on the web which disclose the global power brokers. In time, this provides a rich history of the demise of Man up Earth, Man’s only home.
  20. I would recommend a special non-partisan prosecutor to do a serious investigation on her e-mail issues, pay to play and the Clinton Foundation. If she (and others) are found guilty, she or anyone else in the Country should not be above the law. Lady Justice is support to be “blind folded”
  21. Let the FBI and the Justice Department finish the investigation and possible indictment in accordance with the law. Hopefully, they will not act politically. Trump does not have to do anything. It is almost a sure thing that she SHOULD be indicted.
  22. If you commit a crime you must pay the piper! If it were you and I, you would be held accountable. Ask all those criminals who are serving their sentences. What makes her better than us?
  23. I believe President-elect Trump should appoint a special prosecutor to take it all on. He should stay out of it and proceed with his other agenda and let the chips fall where they may.
  24. Yes, she shoud be investigated, but wait until March, the obama will not be able to pardon her and the rest of the crime family, and maybe we can send obamas along with her and all the liars in the demoncrat party to Gitmo to live with the mudslimes that want to kill us.
  25. The question is probably going to mooted by an Obama pardon – he, too, has a lot riding on this issue and there are certainly aspects of it – like being called as a witness – that would not be favorable to his peaceful retirement. There will be a significant number of people outraged by the decision either way, but Hillary cannot be vindicated without a trial, given the general public perception of her as an unindicted felon. after all, she has “done nothing wrong,” so – aside from the trauma of a trial, she has nothing to worry about. A point that interests me: If she’s granted preemptive plenary absolution of all potential State Department legal charges, is a Fifth Amendment claim still possible? Can she be subpoenaed to testify in trials of her co conspirators? I’m still curious what it was about her yoga sessions and daughter’s wedding plans that prompted the Bleach Bit operation or the destruction of other digital devices.
  26. The American people are tired of the double standard , If Hillary and her staff who covered up for her, and Obama lied when he said He did mot know of a private server ,And the leaked Emails show He did know . Apply the same rules the citizens who elected Donald Trump will begin to feel we have deceived ourselves, and put another insider into the oval office, because the Clintons will continue to work with the Rhino Republicans to undermine him. if no one is jailed then Drain The Swamp can not happen. As well if Donald fails to build a wall he will have problems. You see the US has already built a wall in Afganistan mexico has built a southern wall . Donald will quickly loose the confidence of the Little people voted for real change he must prosecute.
  27. The smart rhing to do is for Trump to appoint an independent prosecutor and leave it to them. The IP will examine the evidence and make recommendations. Trump does not need to get personally involved. The evidence is what it is, If the evidence meets the required test.the put it to a grand jury. Remember the FBI is still looking into the Clinton Foundation .with the political block caused by the DNC being removed and a law and order candidate in the white house, Clinton is undoubtedly worried.
  28. When Donald J. Trump is sworn in he should, as he promised, have a Special Prosecutor investigate Hillary Clinton’s involvement as Secretary of State in putting our Nation at risk for failure to follow guide lines about her private server and her arming ISIS with weapons and the refusal to send help causing the death of our men in the Benghazi incident and any other incidents she is involved in.
    The Clinton Fund should also have a Special Prosecutor to investigate all involved including Bill Clinton & Chelsea Clinton to see if any criminal or national defense violations were acted upon.
    The results of these investigations should be acted upon properly by the D.O.J.
  29. Hello! Horn. The 2nd paragraph is my attempt at humor… so give me break. One other thing; please fire your politically (in)correct moderator! There is a new Sheriff in town.
  30. She needs to be treated like any other citizen would be according to a just Dept of Justice, not an elite treatment by a corrupt AG. Donald Trump has so much work to do to unwind the horrible damage to our country and its freedom, constitution destruction especially during the last 8 years. This is up to an ethical Attorney General ( to bring charges against HC.). who treats all citizens fairly including the corrupt elite ones. God has performed a miracle to save our country from the Clinton Cartell cliff and with our continued prayers will help protect our country from these destructive demonic forces, such as Soros riots against our election process. Obama needs to redeem homself and rescue his reputation somewhat by standing up strongly for change against these riots and calling in the national guard and arresting those destroying property and hurting others or disturbing the peace. Praise God.
  31. Are our laws meant for everyone except for high ranking officials? If I’m an illegal alien does the word “illegal” mean just kidding, only if we choose to enforce the LAW? If the law says officials cannot take money from foreign representives for election purposes or lobbiests who want favors in return, “pay-to-play” does this not count as illegal? I think it does.! If you are a lawyer don’t you know the difference between right and wrong or legal and illegal then you shouldn’t be a lawyer. Think about this, is it that the law (rules of the land) only apply to those who are not in office. I think not. It is time we again draw a “line in the sand” and say we are going to enforce the laws that we all made and take back our country.
  32. the war is over and we won , let’s spend our time working on our promises the country knows the truth and put the truth in their votes. lets not waste energy on hilliary any more. let her dry up and go away. if we give her publicity it will keep her alive.
  33. Trump doesn’t have the balls to prosecute Hillary 1) It would be a waste of taxpayer money 2) To keep pushing the issue you may find the Hatch law was violated and Trump campaign involved 3) He didn’t win the popular vote and it would look like a outright attack on Hillary and all races and possibly ruin his Presidency.
  34. Do the crime – Do the time. The white trash have been above the law to long. The daughter is the same. Yet idiots still rally at their feet.
  35. If jail isn’t the solution, then fine her the total amount that is in their crooked “Foundation”
    Reduce her to the “poverty” of having to live off her Senate retirement and Bill’s retirement from the presidency. Plus monitor their speech fees and financial accts and portfolios from here on out. Little Chelsea, too! Better than wasting tax dollars with expenses related to locking her up. Let her walk forever among the people with her head hung low!
  36. Convict her and make her admit that her Foundation , will in fact, give away 90 % of the money she received from foreign bations, as she lied about during the campaign. Then pardon her.
  37. Nothing will be accomplished with moving forward on the Hillary Clinton issues. We need to bring the country together and move forward with things that will bring our nation out of the 8 years of the current administration.
  38. Hillary should go through the legal process: Investigation, indictment, prosecution! Otherwise, we really have no justice. Just because Hillary has escaped indictment so far only speaks to her political protection not the justice process and that has to be made right!
  39. Do not Pardon her. Hold a trial and if she is convicted let her stew in Prison for a short while then grant her clemency. She will get out of jail but will be a Felon and unable to hold public office.
  40. What gets me Obozo is talking pardon why i thought she was innocent let Trump dig for all the answers then jail her azz that’s when the pardon takes place and if it does i think we should move to another planet I can’t stand this criminal who killed for of my AMERICAN buddy’s explain it to their mothers that a video was the cause of it all……….BS and more BS if we get lucky maybe Obozo can share a cell with her.
    • He will only pardon her, so to pardon, himself, it will not be just for her, he is really going to pardon himself. he is a CORRUPT CRIMINAL POLITICIAN all so , as dirty as she
  41. Hillary should be judged exactly like the soldiers and other officials who were given penalties for doing much less and are in jail.
    Is she any different ? Her actions show intent big time.
  42. I say have your new DOJ head investigate the Clinton Foundation, not Hillary herself. Then let the chips fall where they may. It will be a legit investigation into a charity, not revenge against a former rival. That will look petty and the liberals will say how vindictive he is. If it’s determined it committed fraud, then close it, heavily fine the ones that ran it and move forward. All the people and countries she made promises to in exchange for their millions in donations will eventually take care of her.
  43. Hillary should be dealt with as any other criminal. I would be in prison if I had done the things that she has ,so far gotten away with. She certainly should be punished as whatever our NEW administration thinks is appropriate. I trust the NEW administration.
  44. Hillary should be dealt with as any other criminal. I would be in prison if I had done the things that she has ,so far gotten away with. She certainly should be punished as whatever our NEW administration thinks is appropriate. I trust the NEW administration.
    I have NOT posted this comment before. Let’s get that right. This is not a hate survey. I DONOT HATE
  45. Definitely an “OTHER” vote on that one!
    Why should We taxpayers have to pay to house this traitor?
    TO THE GALLOWS with ALL of the traitors infesting our Nation!!!
  46. She needs to be tried an locked up for her, crimes that she an her gang of corrupt criminal politicians thought they could get away with year after year after year, all the way back to the early 90,s Well now the good times are over, an it is time to pay up, an billy boy too, an the daughter, she sounds like she is going down an dirty all so, even her hubby is dirty an his father corrupt. Any one else would be long gone an forgot about by now, doing their time. ONE SET OF RULES. go by them or pay of not going by the rules, plain an simple.
  47. If the Wicked Witch of Benghazi and America or any place else is fount guilty of treason by a real FBI Group(maby led by Gowdy) plus the Dept. of Real Justice. No more fixes,bribes and threats just good old real American Justice. If found Guilty then it’s Federal Prision without a doubt.
  48. Put an independent Council in charge so to keep politics out of any decision, Let them hang her, but she and Bill will probably drain the foundation of all funds and relocate someplace where extradition is not available.
  49. If Trump ever hopes to return America to a country of LAW not of men, he has no choice but to have his attorney General prosecute all law breakers starting with the Clintons. You can not have law applied to some and not others. A precedent needs to be re-established, “break the law, go to jail” period
  50. NO NO NO….Hillary, because she is a high-up person, should NOT be tried or jailed.!!!..Our children need to learn that here in the USA, you can become a high politician and go free…We need to teach our children that it’s only the little guy that has to pay..And also this will tell the world who we really are…And that lying, murdering and being a traitor is what the USA really honors.!!!!!
  51. She should be tried and when found guilty she should be fined $200M…that should balance the ledger on their immoral pyments from the Clinton Foundation.
  52. Hillary and Bill have always been Social Weasels. Trump needs to put the new cabinet in place and let justice prevail with a special investigator.Trump needs to be focused on the job of being president. The media will bash and be bias either way.
  53. Trump needs to balance the budget, enforce the laws equally, do his job every day and take care of our countries business representing all people.
  54. Hillary should be imprisoned for murder “One” and other crimes as well !!!
    God is no respect of persons … Why should Trump respect her above any other thug !!!
    The navy sailor is doing time for taking 4 pictures of a submarine … Hillary killed 4 military navy seals.
    Am I the only one that has a problem with this logic? My vote is she goes to jail like any other criminal !!!
  55. I’m a little undecided on this. I think there are things more important right now. He has a lot on his plate. Actually, I guess I feel if she is locked up, it should be in a mental hospital. She is a sick person.
  57. Need to stop the Clintons in their tracks. Now Chelsea has expressed a desire to run for Congress. No more Clintons in government — ever!!
  58. Here is my response to another thread:
    I have been hearing the many pros and cons of a pardon for Hillary by many, both on the internet and talk radio. If Obama does it, it would become his legacy, if Trump does it, it could be considered an act of healing the country, while it would certainly reinforce the feeling in the nation that the elites always look out for themselves.
    My personal feeling is that there is much that we do not know about the wheeling and dealing of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, but should.
    Therefore, I propose a compromise- pardon Hillary, but ONLY Hillary, and allow the investigation to go forward, and go after the second stringers- people who knew they were committing crimes against the nation (Podesta and Mook come to mind).
    Once we know the extent of their (and by extension, her) crimes, that will provide a convincing coda to the Clinton legacy- immune from prosecution, but forever tainted in history.
    And maybe, just maybe, the Clintons will shut up and just go away. It would be worth it.
  59. Investigate completely, then bring forward any and all possible charges. Let a Judge and Jury decide.
    NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Haul in all the accomplices also!

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