Thursday, November 17, 2016

Twitter Takes Aim At ‘Hate Speech’

Twitter Takes Aim At ‘Hate Speech’

by: Alicia

So, is Twitter going to crack down on people like the ones calling for the assassination of the president elect? Or do they mean they are just going to ban more conservatives. You know because being conservative is deemed hateful? It is clear that twitter is uniquely qualified to determine what is actually hate speech. I am sure they will use the same criteria as most college campuses do. Anything liberal or progressive no matter how hateful or untrue is good. Anything a conservative is always bad. 

USA Today:
With public backlash growing, Twitter says it’s taking steps to crack down on hate speech, from making it easier to report alleged incidents on the social media service to educating moderators on what kind of conduct violates the rules.
Twitter users will also gain more control over their experience on Twitter with the ability to mute words and phrases, even entire conversations, if they don’t want to receive notifications about them, said Del Harvey, Twitter’s head of safety.
The effort comes as an uptick in biased graffiti, assaults and other incidents have been reported in the news and on social media since Election Day, prompting president-elect Donald Trump to call for people to “stop it” during a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night. The FBI reports that hate crimes rose 7% in 2015, led by attacks on Muslim Americans.

It’s also in response to escalating concern about abuse and harassment on Twitter that has stalled growth among users and advertisers alike.
Under chief executive Jack Dorsey, Twitter has pledged that “trust and safety” is among its top priorities. Earlier this year, the company improved its abuse reporting system and convened outside advisers on safety issues. More

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