Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time to Unify, But On Conservatives’ Terms


By Tad Cronn 

The Left’s nationwide hissy fit continues, with riots and marches, torchings of flags, beatings of conservatives, threats against white people, tears on campuses and calls for assassination of the president-elect, Donald Trump.
Liberals who had threatened to leave the country now want to take their states with them.

Death metal weirdo Marilyn Manson decapitated Trump in a video called “Say10.” (“Satan,” get it? These popular “artists” are so clever. Wonder if John Podesta and friends will play this video at the next “spirit cooking”?)  See video:

Stock market investors, though, were happy as could be, sending stocks soaring.
We should assume all the rioting is bought and paid for, of course, just like it was during the campaign. George Soros money, leftover petty cash from campaign coffers, even city council funds in liberal towns certainly are paying for this widespread demonstration of why the rest of us are so glad to have liberals out of power.
All this show is meant to persuade conservatives that the country really is against Trump, when the reality is, except for a handful of densely packed, liberal urban centers, the map is red.
The powers behind the Left — George Soros and a few of his billionaire friends — are trying to scare us into sharing power.

Talk legend Rush Limbaugh was predictably horrified by the thought, saying, “The time to unify is after we have forced them into surrender just like we did the Japanese in World War II.  But the days of unifying with the losers because they’re mad and we don’t want the media saying mean things about us — they lost.”
He’s got a point. I’d like to see this country unify behind President Trump, but the toddler-like behavior of the past few days is simply unacceptable.

And no, unlike what liberals are trying to tell us, there was nothing even remotely similar to this reaction when Obama won his two elections. Conservatives were upset and disappointed, certainly, but we all had jobs to go to the next day, and we behaved like grownups for the most part (there’s always someone willing to make a fool of himself).

The longer this liberal temper tantrum continues, the less inclined we conservatives are going to be to extend an olive branch.
This is the problem with power, it doesn’t want to share, and the Left has for eight years been too drunk with it to extend even basic courtesies to the conservatives in this country. In fact, the Left has bullied, smeared and harassed us at every turn, then blamed us for being “obstructionist.” It’s been two terms of liberals smacking us around and saying, “stop hittin’ yourself.”
Justice … well, justice would suggest that a fitting punishment is in order, and that the whiners out demonstrating and crying today should be crushed like bugs.

Here’s the thing, though. Nobody reasonable should want to behave like a liberal, and taking revenge is exactly what liberals would do in our position. Hell, they’re trying to take revenge right now, and they lost, fair and square. Another smackdown seems called-for, but we have to exercise restraint.
If we don’t, then we are simply choosing to repeat the events of the past eight years, with the roles reversed. Those who don’t know their history …
We have a golden moment here that will not come again if we squander it, an opportunity to make America what it really should be, based on the Constitution, not on the whims of Soros’ mob-of-the-week, Marxist morality.

That moment right now is being threatened by the Left’s pathetic displays, but could also be lost to the somewhat mercurial nature of our president-elect. I like Trump, and I believe in his potential to be a good president, but we must be clear-eyed and acknowledge that he bears watching to make sure he goes in the right direction.
It’s up to us to be the adults. That means rejecting the Left’s tantrums and threats, even while we must extend a hand to those precious few reasonable liberals who have likewise rejected Obamism.
Nobody on the Right should compromise their values, as the Marxist mob demands, but we must cultivate a new environment in which conservatives and mature liberals can speak to each other like adults and be heard.

Because I think if we all started listening to each other, an amazing thing will happen, and we will discover that we have many values and goals in common, just different approaches to getting there. Once we all remember that we are Americans first, differences are the sorts of things that adults can work out.

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