Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Man Snaps Haunting Pics Of Creature In Woods… Police Later Find Him In Creature’s Stomach


oped:People are unbelievably stupid...this is why I never camp or hike in the backwoods without being armed...for protection from  not hunting the top of the food chain! Especially in the fall when bears are eating all they can for the winter hibernation!

Rutgers University student Darsh Patel was killed while hiking through the Apshawa Preserve on September 21, but before he died, he snapped a few pictures of the creature with his cell phone.
Patel’s killer was a 300-pound black bear that had followed Patel and his group of friends a short distance through the preserve.
Patel’s group was reportedly warned by another couple that there was a bear roaming the area. The couple advised them to stay out, but the group went ahead despite the warning, according to authorities.
The bear was about 100 feet away when the group first noticed it. That’s when Patel began snapping the photos that were later recovered on his cellphone, according to New York Daily News.

The group attempted to make a run for it when the bear closed in around 15 feet away, but only four were able to escape.
They tried to call 911 for help but, unfortunately, it was too late. The group last saw Patel climbing a rock with the bear not far behind. They said Patel screamed for them to keep going.

The bear was still circling Patel’s body by the time the authorities arrived on the scene, so they shot and killed the creature.
Human remains were found in the stomach of the bear and in its esophagus, according to Officials also found human blood and tissue under the bear’s claws.
H/T Mad World News

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