Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sarah Palin Fights for Louisiana Conservative

Fellow Conservatives:

I just got back from Louisiana and let me tell you – there is real momentum there for Col. Rob Maness (R-LA), the conservative candidate running to replace liberal Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in the U.S. Senate.

Sarah Palin and Rob ManessRob is a bold new leader with a record of success, courage, loyalty, and strength. He's a conservative, a U.S. military vet, and, as testified by his many supporters that I met in one heck of a campaign rally, he's one of us!

Have you seen Rob's first TV ad? He had me at gator wrestling! He's obviously tough enough to take on the career politicians and the alligators in the swamp.

Rob's momentum has really got the permanent political class scared back in D.C. The Democrats dread Rob's momentum building as the November election draws near, but now the GOP establishment is starting to go nuts!

The professional politicians are snapping at the Colonel like a hungry gator; they're trying to get him out of the race so they can have Congressman Bill Cassidy – their hand-picked, establishment candidate.

Stand up to the DC career politicians and send a true conservative fighter to Washington who will shake up the status quo!

Sarah Palin and Maness FamilyWith all due respect, after the good ol' boys in the GOP machine have served America for 32 years wearing our nation's uniform, been in combat, sacrificed as much as Rob and his family have in the name of true public service for our country, and after they've literally FOUGHT for our freedom like Rob has, THEN they can kick their feet up on their comfy desks in their swank offices and talk to us about who gets to run for office and who doesn’t.

Until then, conservatives in Louisiana and across this great country are going to support Col. Rob Maness for U.S. Senate. 

Please help us send a true fighter to Washington this year by making a one-time contribution to Col. Rob Maness's campaign.

Rob will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in defending the Constitution and our conservative values.

But he needs your help.

Sarah Palin and Maness SupportersRob is running a campaign like I did in my first race -- in his truck, visiting every corner of the state, talking with voters, and communicating a positive message of conservative solutions. And, like I was, he's being massively outspent by the career politicians.

You can make a big difference in this race and help bring real change to Washington by supporting this selfless leader.

The contrasts in this U.S. Senate race couldn’t be clearer. This really is a race between "two of them versus one of us" – two Washington politicians versus an American hero, Col. Rob Maness.

He's got the momentum; please keep it up. We need him!


Governor Sarah Palin

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