Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Got goat milk? Kurds mock ISIS with SNL-like video

We Are ISIS, We Milk The Goat Even If It Is Male': Embattled Iraqi ...
[We Are ISIS, We Milk The Goat Even If It Is Male':]
RUSSIANS raid a ‘Halal’ cafe filled with Muslim men and allegedly ...
How to combat the ruthless tactics and gruesome crimes of the terrorist group ISIS? For a group of Iraqi Kurdish entertainers, it's not with guns, bombs, or munitions. They're fighting back with humor. Iraqi Kurdish KurdSat TV broadcast a new musical parody video on Oct. 12 that mocks the terrorist group ISIS in Saturday Night Live fashion: a group of bearded men pretending to be ISIS fighters play air guitar on rifles, pretend to sword-fight, and play with skulls, all while singing a chorus of lyrics. Recommended: How much do you know about the Islamic State? “We are bearded, dirty and filthy. … We are brainless...
Yahoo Daily News 2014-10-21

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