Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mark Levin: Obama Will Get His ‘Full Mussolini On’ After the Midterms

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oped: Not really more like getting on his full IMAM persona...he be a radical 7th Century Islamist not a Augustus Caesar ...however he does exhibit a little Nero and Caligula perverted traits! 

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Radio talk show great, constitutional scholar, and best-selling author Mark Levin, appearing with “Hannity” on FOX News Tuesday evening, predicted that after the election, Obama would become even more dictatorial with his unconstitutional executive orders, comparing him to Italy’s former fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini.

When asked by Hannity what Obama would do after the upcoming midterm elections, Levin predicted that he Obama would “get his full Mussolini on,” and will do everything that he can in his final two years to “screw up the country.” 

“I think with Obama, it’s going to get worse. You’re going to see his full Mussolini coming out with his pen and his phone, these executive fiats that are utterly unconstitutional. He’s going to do everything that he can in the last two years of his presidency to further screw up the country, whether it’s the border and amnesty, whether it’s the economy, whether it’s God knows what. He’s been a very divisive, very damaging, very counterproductive president and so has his Party. And that’s why we need to throw Harry Reid out of the United States Senate.” 

Levin blasted both parties, saying that Democrats “need a good swift kick in the ass this election,” and that the country has “gone to hell” under Obama and the Democrats and that “everybody knows it.” 

“None of these Democrats that are running are moderates: they’re all radicals,” he told Sean Hannity. “They all believe in massive centralized government,” he assessed. 
Levin told Hannity that the “Republicans are running a very quiet campaign; they’re not standing up for any principles, very little substance. This is an enormous opportunity to expand the Republican Party, to build it, to create momentum for 2016, and they’re not doing it.” 
Hannity agreed, saying that the Republicans have “been timid and afraid of their own shadows. They haven’t inspired people to go out and vote for them. It’s more, ‘things are so bad,’ that’s why they’re getting the votes.”

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