Friday, July 19, 2013

Thugs slaughter two brothers in Jacksonville in busy parking lot screen capture
Update: Police just made an arrest and say more arrests should come shortly.
Avery Wood is the first suspect to be arrested.
Avery Wood is the first suspect to be arrested.


Hate Crime MurderThugs slaughter two brothers in

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is calling it an armed robbery and specifically stating that it is not a hate crime. It is unclear if anything was actually stolen. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office claims that the “Free Zimmerman” bumper sticker does not exist.
If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the United States. The headlines would scream “racial hate crime.” Since it is two white males murderers by a group of black males, it has only received local coverage with explicit denials that it was racial.
Original Post:
Two young brothers were murdered in the parking lot of a Golden Corral in Jacksonville, FL. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office says they were killed by multiple perpetrators, and that they have a photo of the suspects’ car. There were also multiple witnesses. However, they have not released any information or description of the suspects or the suspects’ car.
Friends of the victims took to social media to report that the brothers had a “Free Zimmerman” bumper sticker on their truck. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued a statement denying that the killings were related to the Zimmerman trial.

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