Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hate Crime: Zimmerman Beat Cause Trayvon Thought he was Gay

So much for the innocent little boy.
Check it out:
Here is Zimmerman, a properly accredited Neighborhood Watch captain or whatever his title was, patrolling his neighborhood, and the guy sees him and starts beating up on him ’cause he thinks he’s gay. That sounds like a civil rights violation to me. That sounds like it almost might be a hate crime, to me.
I mean, the way I’ve been conditioned by the Democrats and the left in this country, that sounds like a hate crime: Trayvon Martin starts pummeling Zimmerman ’cause his gal on the phone, Rachel Jeantel, says, “Hey, the guy could be a rapist. You better run.” But Trayvon’s no coward! He doesn’t run away from stuff. So he starts pummeling on Zimmerman. What do you think the left will do with that when they hear it might have been Zimmerman’s civil rights that got violated?  

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