Friday, July 19, 2013

Judge Jeanine: "Mr. Attorney General, It's TIME For YOU To GO!"

"Should Eric Holder be indicted?" This is the question Judge Jeanine Pirro examines in her Opening Statement as we all search for the truth in this latest scandal that has rocked the head of the Department of Justice. Pirro proceeds to verbally sentence the Attorney General with each and every violation he's committed while holding office since this story broke. A MUST SEE! 

Top Comment...well said: 

First of all I am lokota Indian so please do not pull out the infamous race card.We put that away years ago. This wonderful woman speaks the clear unfurnished truth> If these leaders were true liberals, which thet are not, the last true liberals died 20 years ago. this is now the democratic party that brought us slavery, I see it why cant you, are you caught up a muslim trance.The democratic party has now become the party of hate and deviousness

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