Saturday, July 20, 2013

Attention all WannaBee Jihad Boys...!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your wonderful Imams,Mullahs and Clerics have been selling you a load of the proverbial if you strap a bomb to your chest go out and blow up innocent people you get a first class ticket to paradise including the 72 virgins waiting with bated breath for your arrival?.

Really now think about it for a minute or two...if this were the case would not your fearless leaders... lead the charge ahead of the pack...I mean would they not want first pick of all the goodies waiting?
By the way Muhammad stole stories and writings from the Jewish Torah,the Christian Bible and teachings from the Ancient Syrians on the One God....all of which pre-date the Qur'an by several centuries.In the Torah,Bible and Ancient Syrian writings  to commit suicide and to murder the innocent gained one a one way ticket to hell not heaven. But of course Muhammad,Imams,Mullahs and the Clerics that followed, left this part out and substituted 'paradise and 72 virgins await'..I mean they have to get you out of the way so they can gain their 'earthly rewards', your sisters,wives,cousins,girl friends,property and contributions from other useful idiots who think they are doing Allahs work

Muhammad  left out this part when he wrote the Qur'an and wrote the fictional 'give your life for Muhammad' and Allah will welcome you to paradise and you may lust away with the 72 fictional virgins while your Imams,Mullahs and weird clerics feast away on your daughters and sisters now that you are out of the way...but i'm sure they told you if you strap on a bomb and take out the infidels they will care for your wives,daughters, sisters and cousins...but of course they will...hello!

I could go on and on...but I think this is enough to digest for one reading...sleep on it before you go to a painful death blowing yourself apart! Enjoy the song:

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