Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why the Progressive Democrats are attacking Donald Trump!

Logans Run
Well the answer is quite simplistic in's not for his policies nor all boils down to the fact that Donald was a Democrat shortly before he registered as a Republican and threw his proverbial hat into the Candidate for POTUS ring.. 

It appears as if Donald woke up one morning and said to himself this whole democratic plantation thingee is not working...he got on the phone and ordered a zillion red baseball caps with the logo "Make America Great Again" His crime to progressive democrats was the fact he jumped ship...became a runner and hauled ass down the road away from the Democrat slave plantation...never looking back and never apologizing. 
Logan's Run (Wallpaper), Wallpaper for "Logan's Run" which is a 1976 ...

This is his unforgivable crime to the overseers of the Progressives at the DNC...they will hunt him down relentlessly until he concedes or beats them at their own game...of which I have confidence he will, and beat them badly, as he knows everything about each and everyone of the players!

Yes indeed The Donald has become 'Logan' of the old 70's SyFy classic "Logans Run" Isn't it strange that  if one goes back in time to the 70's classic SYFY movies and get's a glimp of that which is to come? 
Logan’s Run (1976) | Cinema Nostalgia

At any rate enjoy "Logans Run" playing now at a street corner near you!

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