Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Chelsea Clinton SLAMMED for nasty attack

The Clinton family spent the past three decades eagerly milking every dollar they could from the U.S. political system. Reports say the family pocketed nearly $250 million in various fees, book deals, and backroom handshakes with Wall Street giants during their time in public office.
But following Hillary’s defeat in November to President Donald Trump, the Clinton’s “bank robbery” approach to politics appeared to be over.
It has left critics of the former First Family to wonder, “What’s next for the Clinton cartel?”
Enter Chelsea Clinton. The former first daughter is cultivating an increasingly public profile, which suggests she’s gearing up for some sort of political run. Specifically, rumors have surfaced that Chelsea is being groomed for run for New York Senate as a way to restore her family to power.
And when it comes to her ability to stick her foot firmly in her mouth, the Clinton apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Last Friday, Chelsea tweeted a lazy attack on the Trump administration’s Kellyanne Conway, after Conway mistaken use of the word “massacre” when referring to the two Al Qaeda terrorists arrested plotting an attack in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Chelsea wrote —
The response was epic.

Social media exploded as users lined up to point out the Clinton family hypocrisy.
It was so bad, celebrity Roseanna Barr couldn’t help but jump in —

Stick to charity work, Chelsea. Politics doesn’t suit you. 

Even Kellyanne Conway responded, directing her ire at Chelsea and the dishonest mainstream media —
Well said.
— The Horn editorial team

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