Saturday, February 11, 2017

Schumer: ‘We’re Very, Very — Pleased’ With How We Treated Trump’s Nominees

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oped: Will someone please *BitchSlap* this little #TURD Schumer !

Chuck Schumer is congratulating himself and his fellow democrats for their part in disparaging President Trump’s cabinet nominees.   “We think we have done a real service to America,” he said.   Seriously Chuck?   You’ve served Americans by further driving a wedge between them and their rightful President?  You’ve served Americans by deceiving them, showing them how obnoxious and vile obstructionists can be, and pandering to a base that couldn’t get your candidate elected with their leftist, liberal ideals?   Congratulations!   You believe you’ve planned well for the eventual failure of Trump and his nominees.   But, you’ve failed to see their potential for success.  Who’s going to look like the idiot when they do succeed? 

CNS News reports – Schumer said Democrats are “doing everything we can to stop these awful nominees, whether it’s staying late and speaking (on the Senate floor); whether it’s holding press conferences; whether it’s going on Facebook live where we had huge turnout last night; or whether it’s demanding when the record is so abysmal.”
Schumer said Democrats hope they can force the withdrawal of Puzder’s nomination, but even if they can’t, it’s all about laying the groundwork to stymie the Trump administration:
“But whether we do or not, we think we have done a real service to America,” he said. “We have shown who these Cabinet nominees are. Every time (Education Secretary) Betsy DeVos does something now that might hurt public education, there’s going to be millions of Americans looking over her shoulder. Every time (Attorney General) Jeff Sessions hurts immigrants or voting rights, there are going to be millions of Americans looking over his shoulder.

“Because we’ve laid the predicate for who these nominees are. And we’re very, very — pleased is the wrong word, because we wish they had never gotten to these positions, but we think we’ve been very effective in showing who they are and putting some constraints on their actions and on the president’s actions in future years.”
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