Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jordanian Prince: We Can’t Vet These Syrian Refugees

Jordanian Prince Faisal bin Hussein on Syrian refugees: ‘We can’t vet these people.’

So I would like to know why liberals in America want American citizens to get a thorough background check in order to just exercise their Second Amendment rights, but immigrants coming from America-hating ISIS infected areas not to get the same type of background check?
Daily Caller:
Prince Faisal bin Hussein told GOP North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker the Jordanian government could not vet Syrian refugees, The Washington Examiner reports.

Walker, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, was in Jordan at the time of the comment for a fact finding mission. The U.S. Department of State reportedly tried to tell Walker that the vetting process was thorough, just hours before Hussein told him, “we can’t vet these people.”
The United Nations High Committee on Refugees believes 655,000 Syrian refugees currently reside in Jordan, dispersed across multiple camps. More

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