Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hillary – still making us reach for the sick bag

Hillary Clinton just released this video, it’s her first since the election.
Her usual liberal tropes about about glass ceilings and making history are supplemented with praise for the “women’s marches” across the country. BTW, she’s still ultra-annoying. Watch out for an irritating four-word phrase that’ll make you want to punch the screen.

The video is for the 2017 MAKERS Conference. Apparently MAKERS is a women’s movie-making group. (HRC has sure fallen down the speech ladder, this one won’t bring in millions of dollars!)
According to their nauseating women-as-victim website with the obligatory BS hashtag , “MAKERS will bring together hundreds of trailblazing leaders, inviting everyone to #BeBold, elevate the conversation and raise challenges and solutions through action-oriented sessions. The conference will shine a light on issues ranging from violence against women to inclusion of men — ultimately creating a bold agenda that flips the script and creates lasting impact.”
How can any woman bust a glass ceiling when she’s weighed down by so much condescension from her own sex? 

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