Sunday, February 5, 2017

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals...

( 9th Circuit Court of Appeals... everything #LGBTQ is the goal)

...Is by no means a panel of Constitutional has been stacked over the decades with ACLU/LGBTQ attorneys...hell bent on legislating illegally from the bench in direct opposition to the US Constitution/Bill of Rights. The 9th Circuit has the most however other Federal District courts as well as SCOTUS are stacked as well!
The main goal is a sedition/conspiracy to destroy the US Constitution... America's morality and Judeo/Christian values thus ushering in a Marxist government!  
I cannot stress this enough for the people to do the homework/research on what is really going on all of the links provided and let your journey begin to find the truth...The truth is out there ! being lazy/dumbed down will get us all enslaved and or killed in the end!


This is the Progressive end goal ...wtfu people!

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