Saturday, February 13, 2016

Attn: #GOP #DNC #SCOTUS This old fart has had enough already...#GetReal

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Question: What’s his next move, food stamps for guns?
Time to get blunt and bring a little reality into focus...In me youth 1940's -1950's I was a Blue Dog Democrat....why because my parents the 1960's thru the 1970's I became a Republican....why because  I was growing up and started  forming my own opinions...1994 forward I became a Independent Conservative because the GOP left me ( I went to school when they actually taught us to think and form opinions based on facts presented... and history...a lost art today) ...I dropped out of college to join the fight during the Vn era...enlisted in the US Army...why because my parents raised me right...they always told me to base my decisions on current events and facts as presented and to always be loyal to the US Constitution/Bill of Rights...which translates to : "Be True to your School" que:

Our country was formed during the Revolution 1776...our General was George Washington who led a Army of Misfits...only because they were individual thinkers who wanted relief from a Monarchy form of government...#Freedom !

Bringing this forward....we are now in a phase where our government is once again becoming a Monarchy...leaders who never gave blood,sweat and tears...they chose to defer from service to advance their proverbial agendas and financial we are 2016 after 8 years of progressive rule...The Obama administration...and what do we have running for POTUS on the so called conservative side...hello self serving RINOS...not one of which took the time out to serve their country in the proverbial FoxHoles...Blood,sweat and tears...they all were deferred during their college years...why you ask?...Simple they had their own agendas,financial portfolios front and center...not dedication to serving our beloved country from the bottom up..they took the short cut...Talk smack and claim to be a true patriot without actually getting ones proverbial hands dirty and giving blood,sweat and tears...This also applies to the numerous talking heads on Main (Lame) Stream Media.

George Washington was our first General as well as President...he set the example of who should be Commander in Chief and President...One who actually took the time out to serve without realizing monetary gain,fame and fortune...the only candidate on the GOP side to have actually served was Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore who dropped out do to lack of funding...on the DNC side two old hippies ...what is wrong with this picture? You be the Judge Middle America...!

I for one am sick and tired of the same old same old BS'ers...Both sides of the proverbial aisle...Time for real change back to the future from which we came !

Side note *Breaking News*: SCOTUS Scalia passed away...on the debate all should demand Congress to hold off on any nomination by Barack Obama until after the November elections! #PERIOD


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