Sunday, February 7, 2016

Teen Pulled Into Car & Gang Raped By Muslims, BUT What Authorities Do Is Even WORSE


by:Terresa Monroe-Hamilton 

In Spain, the police seem to be turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to what the Islamists are actively doing to their women. An 18 year-old girl had just finished her shift at a local grocery store. She started to walk home when a gang of Moroccan Muslims pulled her into the back of a car and viciously raped her over and over again. They didn’t kill her. Instead they dumped her in an alley and she called the police. I’m sure she thought that after she told her story, they would track down these beasts and make them pay for their crimes. She was wrong. The police claim now that the incident never happened. The only place it is being reported is in a local paper. And so goes Spain.

From Mad World News:
After a teen girl finished her shift at a local grocery store, she was approached by a group of foreign-born Muslims who pulled her into the back of a car and proceeded to take turns performing sadistic sex acts on her. However, when police were called to investigate the heinous crime, their response was just as disgusting.
The Daily Mail reports that an 18-year-old British girl was walking home from work in Sabinillas, Spain, when a gang of Moroccan men attacked her behind the nearby Mercadona supermarket. The men repeatedly raped the young woman, finally leaving the battered and terrified teen to call the police. A young woman is brutally gang-raped and the authorities simply don’t care and won’t do a thing about it.
Authorities immediately responded to the scene, taking in every horrific detail of the girl’s brutal assault. However, it wasn’t long after they heard the identity of the men that they showed their hidden agenda.
According to a spokesman for the Guardia Civil, the authority that covers crimes committed in Sabinillas, they are not concerned with justice and actually have no idea if the alleged attackers are being pursued.
This is the Hijrah migration in full swing. Obviously, the police there have been compromised by Islamists in their ranks and they are bowing to political correctness where they are ordered to ignore crimes committed by Muslims. The media for the most part won’t report it and when they do, they don’t mention that the perpetrators were Muslim immigrants. This is clandestine, unconventional warfare and we are allowing it to proceed right in front of us. A friend of the victim told The Olive Press: ‘She is absolutely devastated’. I’m sure she is. She’s also lucky to have survived the ordeal. Spain has tried to keep the immigrants out and has failed. Now it appears they are submitting to Sharia law and accepting rape as commonplace.

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