Sunday, February 7, 2016

#OregonStandOff. Note to all the Looney Left attacking Patriots...

Please be advised I cannot speak for all the militia groups who participated in the stand off...I can only speak for  #OathKeepers who called for calm on both sides of the debate.
Note: OathKeepers are made up of active as well as retired Miltary, LE, First Responders and their supporters as well as Constitutional Sheriffs also known as Sage Brush Sheriffs...all are well versed in US History/US Laws as well as the US Constitution / Bill of Rights and took the Oath of Office to defend !
Please see Web Site the mission and goals are well defined.:

I find it somewhat amusing reading the crazy diatribes by the Looney Left agitators claiming Miltias are terrorists...well our Country was liberated by militias under General George Washington...maybe y'all should find a University that actually teaches US History before your foal mouths continue making the proverbial *ASS* out of yourselves!


  1. must be a cowardly to post your real name!