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Oathkeepers Media Director Investigating 68 Warrants issued for Those Who Stood at Bundy Ranch, Oregon Refuge and Mines

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Pressure grows as standoff at Bundy Ranch continues.
Context Matters: The Cliven Bundy Standoff -- Part 1 - Forbes

[LaVoy at Bundy Ranch, April 12, 2014 ]

I listened today for a couple of hours as the last of the four who were held up at the Oregon Wildlife refuge left. It was an intense time as David Fry, after almost two hours, came out with his friends. However, behind the scenes, things are taking a very strange twist. In an exclusive interview with Jason Van Tatenhove, media director for Oathkeepers, he told Freedom Outpost that there have been reports of 68 warrants against Americans who stood alongside Cliven Bundy in Nevada in 2014 and several involved in standing between the Bureau of Land Management and the Sugar Pine Mine.   

Van Tatenhove said that Oathkeepers were in the process of seeking to confirm the number of indictments and may have that information available later on Thursday's broadcast of NorthWest Liberty News with Jim White and Tim Brown at 4pm EST.   

"We are trying to verify this information through intelligence sources with deep contacts DHS and whatnot… there are 68 new warrants stemming back through Bundy Ranch and the other mine operations," Van Tatenhove said. "We're trying to reach out to the FBI to confirm."
Van Tatenhove has an interest in these warrants as he stood at Bundy Ranch in 2014 against the BLM siege with the Bundys.
Additionally, during our interview, Jason was able to provide me with current information. In addition to Cliven Bundy being arrested in Oregon on Wednesday evening, Blaine Cooper was also arrested on Thursday morning in Springdale, Utah. Cooper, as you may recall, referred to Senator John McCain as a traitor during a townhall meeting.

If that was not enough, reports are that Victoria Sharp's family's house has been surrounded by agents. Sharp, as you may recall, provided eyewitness testimony of the murder of LaVoy Finicum and also said that over one hundred shots were fired into their vehicle in an attempt to kill the occupants.    
oped:note: Please consider the fact that Victoria Sharp is an 18 year old kid who was not even part of the dispute. She was there to musically perform in John Day and without so much as an opportunity to surrender peacefully. 
Eighteen-year-old Victoria Sharp poses during an exclusive interview ...
[Victoria Sharp was not charged and arrested and was dumped at a Safeway parking lot with no money and only the clothes on her back. Shawna Cox was charged with impeding federal officers (I am still scratching my head on this one trying to make sense of the charge.]   

... Provided Soundtrack for Oregon Refuge Standoff - The New York Times  
Transcript of Victoria Sharp: Oregon FBI/OSP

What did these seven occupants do to warrant a “shoot first order”? They did nothing, but they were never given the opportunity to surrender before being fired upon, on two different occasions. And as Shawna Cox put it “Lavoy was murdered in cold blood by the FBI, he had his hands in the air until he was shot”.
Shawna added, as a footnote, that when the last man was taken into custody, they were asked if there were any others left in the truck. They responded that they were the last. The FBI promptly proceeded to fire over 100 more rounds into the vehicle after the vehicle was vacated. 

Two other persons were arrested in Mesquite on Wednesday. From the information that Van Tatenhove shared with me, "Skipper," who has been at Bundy Ranch as Cliven Bundy's bodyguard since October and another man referred to as "Joker Jay" met in a Wal-mart parking lot around 9:10pm on Wednesday. Sources tell us that the men arrived in separate vehicles and were tackled by FBI agents.   

According to the information passed onto me by Van Tatenhove, "They were handcuffed and put in separate vehicles and taken to the Holiday Inn parking lot where there were more FBI cars. Agents in full tactical "battle rattle" were present. Skipper was questioned and gave as short answers as possible."
Skipper was released, but Jay was charged with impeding officers at the Oregon refuge. Jay was then transported to Las Vegas Metro and is currently being held in the Henderson, Nevada detention center, according to a message Skipper received from Jay's sister.
All of this is coming down pretty fast as Cliven Bundy's flight into Oregon on Wednesday was prefaced by his call for the American people, patriots and militia to "wake up!" because "it's time!"

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