Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Obama Won’t Put Personal Info Into Obamacare Database

Photo credit: SAINT_727 (Creative Commons)
Barack Obama recently submitted to mounting pressure to join his subjects on the healthcare exchange by signing up for a “bronze” plan. Of course, the Obamas will never have to worry about their own health coverage as he remains covered by the military; but the announcement of his enrollment was supposed to indicate solidarity with the commoners forced to accept this incredibly unpopular law.
Instead, his staged publicity stunt only raised more questions regarding his personal data.
A White House statement cited the “complicated nature of the president’s case” in explaining why an “in-person sign-up” was required.

Furthermore, official sources confirm Obama’s personal information is not included in the database used by the healthcare exchange in determining a user’s identity. While the White House claims the omission is due to security concerns, many skeptics wonder if Obama is unable to provide such documentation because none exists.
The announcement of his difficult enrollment ignited further debate regarding his eligibility to be president. Just two weeks after the Hawaiian health official who authenticated Obama’s birth certificate was killed in a suspicious plane crash, this anomaly adds more fuel to the already heated dispute.

Though it is true Obama requires greater security than the average citizen, he is far from the only American whose personal data is especially sensitive. There are no in-person sign-ups for these individuals, though, as their identifying information is apparently comingling with everyone else’s in the exchange database.
Even taken at face value, the White House’s justification illustrates the glaring potential for security breaches within the exchanges. Despite those lurking dangers, the only person whose data is omitted from the program is the very man who subjected the rest of the country to the disastrous boondoggle.
In addition to the eligibility fracas, Obama’s enrollment showcased his deep disconnect from ordinary Americans. While millions receive cancellation notices from their preferred insurer and are forced to navigate a complicated and ineffective bureaucratic maze in order to find a replacement plan, Obama received personal guidance as he vacationed in Hawaii.
Still, the process was so convoluted his enrollment was not publicized until days after it happened.
With seemingly endless extensions and waivers related to the law, it is painfully apparent ObamaCare proponents sold America a bill of goods. Each time Obama tries to rectify the situation – such as his enrollment during yet another taxpayer-funded vacation – he exposes yet another layer of embarrassment.
Photo credit: SAINT_727
(Creative Commons)

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