Monday, December 23, 2013

Biblical cure for Cancer?

 ... Bible Codes just another hoax designed to frighten people, create news
Dear Reader,

I'd love to see an atheist try to explain THIS.

It's a video about a recent discovery made by biblical researchers in Maryland. While investigating the so-called "Bible Code," they found something they never expected...

A healing message encoded in ancient scripture.

It appears to contain instructions for defeating some of our worst diseases... and it's all woven into the verses of the Bible.

Watch it here -- you may never look at the Bible the same way again.

To Healing Miracles,

Brian Chambers
Publisher, Health Revelations

P.S. This is America, and people are free to believe whatever they want. But I've yet to hear an atheist offer a real explanation for the "healing code" revealed in this video.

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