Saturday, December 28, 2013

I am so tired of the LGBT and GLAAD nonsense...can we please get back to Happy Days...

When boys chased girls and girls chased boys...When Gay meant Happy  and Friday and Saturday nites meant cruising the blvd...having a double cheese burger and fries at Bob's Big Boy after a football game...showing off our hot rods...meaning cars~ not hot dogs and racing for pink slips...not boys in teddies ! WTH has happened to our country.....we have been takin' over by who knows what...! strange people who haven't a clue about who and what they are...boys dressing like girls... girls dressing like boys and both sure as hell confused about basic plumbing~no wonder they can't find a job....hello basic plumbing male to female makes a secure seal...the other makes major leaks...wth dudes and dudett's how else can I explain this fiasco we see in todays world ?

Ok my best don't know what I got...but I sure as hell's normal...and it worked well for many generations...Need I really say more?

Little Duce Coupe:

Back to Happy Days please... American Graffiti:

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