Thursday, October 20, 2016

FoxNews #MSM #GOP #DNC et al Speak for yourselves!

"I'll tell you what" Middle America could care less that Donald Trump said he will keep you in suspense about not committing to support of Hillary Clinton if she were to win! Plain and simple it is not a issue with us...I have not heard anyone say it is a issue on the street.
Y'all live in your little bubbles on the East and West among yourselves and try to put words in Middle Americas mouths! Yes we live in the fly over zone and will be the final arbitor of who will become the next POTUS via a vote Nov8... not y'all Talking Heads,Pundits and News Anchors...get over yourselves already the only people you impress are your peers!

If y'all want to say "IMO" fine...but don't say through innuendo Middle America agrees with y'all...just the opposite y'all have become part of the corruption problemo!

Have a nice day and try to be Fair and Balanced as y'all claim to be!

                                                                                  ... Twerks on The Ellen DeGeneres Show | POPSUGAR Celebrity Australia

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