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Elias Alias on “Sold Souls”: A Letter From Your Editor

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Elias Alias on “Sold Souls”: A Letter From Your Editor
Dear Readers, Members, Friends;

Today I would like to invite you to join me in a relaxful mood. I feel like I’ve been in the trenches at the front lines in the fight for freedom in America for some number of years. Been in the thick of things, done a lot of traveling, dodged a lot of flak. So I’m going to take a moment for reflection, a way to relax myself, and I’m inviting you to share the moment with me. Allow me to set up a bit of context for something which gives me joy this morning.

The Context

Those of us who are awake enough to notice already know that “the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls“.  Those words from the song, “The Sound of Silence” denote a mood which matches a perception of any Soul who has sold itself, or a nation which has sold its Soul. The prophets have indeed written, and in some ways our situation brings to mind a passage by John Ashbery in his poem, “Self Portrait In A Convex Mirror” —

The soul has to stay where it is,
Even though restless, hearing raindrops at the pane,
The sighing of autumn leaves thrashed by the wind,
Longing to be free, outside, but it must stay
Posing in this place. It must move
As little as possible. This is what the portrait says.
But there is in that gaze a combination
Of tenderness, amusement and regret, so powerful
In its restraint that one cannot look for long.
The secret is too plain. The pity of it smarts,
Makes hot tears spurt: that the soul is not a soul,
Has no secret, is small, and it fits
Its hollow perfectly: its room, our moment of attention.
A man’s Soul is a sacred thing, and so may be that of a nation of people. A sold Soul leaves in its place that “hollow”, that vacancy, where Freedom’s beauty and happiness were originally found. The sold Soul, in its going away, leaves but fear and confusion in the vacuum, framed as they are in a promoted and implanted mental illusion.

It appears to me that freedom is being driven underground. It is as if many within the cultural foundation of our once-great nation have sold their Souls for convenience, creature-comforts, and Constitutional concessions. Cultural Marxism has marched unimpeded through our social and cultural institutions, so much so that in this year’s election cycle we actually saw a somewhat popularly-received avowed socialist running for the White House. To our chagrin, his opponent within the DNC was even worse. And to our further angst, the RNC’s answer to a Criminal Queen has been to trot out a Super-Statist with little or no knowledge about the Constitution. Neither candidate, to the best of my knowledge, speaks of disbanding the police state or ending the war on drugs or shutting down the Federal Reserve, or stopping our insane overseas nation-building wars, or getting us out of the United Nations. Both of them praise the power in the office, seek to control that power for exercising their personal beliefs for how to run America’s government. That is all the proof anyone should need to back up my supposition that freedom is being driven underground.

When we little people pause to see this portrait of a soul-less national government, we learn to our dismay that the understanding has come a bit too late, that the powers are established too strongly, that they control even the very perceptions of most citizens, that the few remaining wakeful and aware are reduced to whimpers as we write our lament and resignation on subway walls. Someone, somewhere, sometime, we hope, shall see the writing on the wall. But will anyone care? Shall anyone heed? Are there any self-owners still in our midst who yet hold the vision of personal freedom and who might be willing to actually practice independence and personal responsibility as our rightful way of life in America?
Empires bloom unto new light,
Bend down their stalks with their weight,
Blow as a dead leaf in Autumn,
Heeding their prophets too late. 

The foregoing is the context in which I write the following.

I don’t let the foregoing drag me down. Seeing the damning futility in trying to “wake the flock up”, I remain undaunted. I continue to celebrate the undying efforts of those in our midst who have fought valiantly to preserve freedom in America. Now in my old age, I look back over the recent seven decades of societal erosion as American culture has incrementally evaporated. I cherish mostly the philosophers, the artists and writers of books; activists of every stripe, those whose souls demanded of them that they say something; those who are compelled to leave their mark on the memory of mankind; those who are driven to share their inner light with others in a dark world.
Each genius in his time lived a human life within his social and cultural matrix, and many of the immortal names of history were not seen as geniuses by their peers. Yet the spirit of caring love drove each to give of his soul the creations for which we today know them. They who speak to the Ages care little for contemporary approval, knowing already that the contemporary shall itself be enfolded into the brittle past as history marches on in time.
In a world gone crazy and in a nation whose government has gone lawless, I can see no reasonable solution, no cure-all which might heal the dying culture of freedom at the national level.

But in spite of the fact that the national government has sold its Soul, I do see many Americans holding fast to their own Souls at the individual level. Some instinctively know the importance of claiming, owning, and protecting one’s own Soul against the encroachments of evil. Among their number, I have been blessed to have worked with many honorable liberty fighters. Theirs is a culture which sets the mark to its highest notch on life’s hurdle, and they inspire me.
I always try to recognize genius when I see it in another man. Being freedom oriented, I’m drawn to folks  who have dedicated their lives to helping their fellow man awaken to the great potential of personal freedom indwelling every human soul.
For example, it has been my great pleasure to work with Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers; with Sheriff Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA); with Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., author and speaker whom I see as America’s greatest authority on the Constitution; with Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising; with G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island; with Don Doig, founder of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA); with Wendy McElroy, co-founder of the Voluntaryist movement; with Michael Shaw, founder of Freedom Advocates; with Jordan Page, Liberty Minstrel of the Ron Paul revolution; etc etc.

There are so many fine liberty fighters whose paths have intersected with my own, many more than I’ve named above. I am humbled and thankful. In knowing such people I’ve received a portion of their genius, their spirit of dedication to the cause of freedom at the individual level; and I’ve received as much as I could absorb of their knowledge. It uplifts my spirit to pause and reflect on the qualities such folks insert into the national psyche. They prove to me that I am not alone, that you are not alone.
In the wee hours of this morning, well before daybreak, with October’s first snow on the ground outside my little square log cabin in the forests of Montana, I’m celebrating the good I’ve seen in men and women who value freedom. It pleases me to now reflect on a relationship between myself, Oath Keepers, the “Liberty Movement” in general, and a fearless film-making genius named James Jaeger.
cultural-marxismAs I recall, it was in late June, 2010, that James Jaeger offered Oath Keepers the distinct honor of hosting the world premiere of his movie, “Cultural Marxism“. I arranged that premiere in Bozeman, Montana, and on July 02 of that year we premiered the film at the Emerson Cultural Center at Bozeman. I had arranged some radio spots to promote it, so we had a good crowd. Thus began a working relationship between James Jaeger’s Matrix Entertainment studios and Oath Keepers. And thus began a friendship between James Jaeger and myself.

From that beginning,  I have continued to promote James’ movies here at Oath Keepers and one thing I can celebrate is the fact that Oath Keepers’ members and friends have carried much of the financial burden of producing these documentary films on our Constitution. And James has in return promoted Oath Keepers by granting Oath Keepers (and myself, individually) opening credits in his movies.
I want to let each of you who has donated (or who shall donate) to James’ movies know that I cherish your commitment to spreading the truth about our Constitution. Your support shows me that you have recognized the genius in James’ projects and the necessity for getting our Constitution “on the record” by producing videos which enhance millions of Americans’ understanding of the founders’ intent.
I also am celebrating the fact that James has enabled me to be an associate producer on his last four films — SPOiLER, MOLON LABE, MIDNIGHT RIDE, and, now in production, “MAINSTREAM“. That is an honor on which I’m reflecting today.  (Thank you James.)

James recently introduced me to a wonderful group of liberty fighters who do a radio show once a week. The group is the American Underground Network. These are the good souls who worked with Aaron Russo to produce and distribute the outstanding documentary film, “America: Freedom To Fascism“.  That film focused on the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act, both of 1913 under Woodrow Wilson. Watch that movie for free > HERE <
The American Underground Network hosted me on their weekly show named the “Collective Consciousness Show” with Fred Smart, Dede, Steve, and others.  The show was about the organization I created way back in 1999 and named “The Mental Militia”.  You may read a brief history of The Mental Militia HERE.  And of course we talked on the show about James Jaeger, which led to the American Underground Network inviting James onto their show the following week, this past October 13 2016. James has been on their show several times. The show was their 470th consecutive weekly broadcast, and once one gets familiar with their network one will understand why they’ve been successful over the years. Their work distributed Aaron Russo’s film to millions of viewers back during the Ron Paul Revolution, and they have never let up. Good people.

Please read about and listen to James’ show HERE. (embedded link:  )
And now let’s talk about James’ newest venture, a movie which is raising hell in the New York Media Mogul Club and the Hollywood Set — MAINSTREAM.
The subtitle of the film is: “How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting The Globalist Agenda”.  Just thinking about that will now allow the reader to see more clearly why I established a “context” at the beginning of this letter.  I was speaking about a nation selling its soul, yes? What I did not go into in any real depth above is the fact that the mass media and the Hollywood movie industry have been conscripted by the very powers who paid for America’s soul, writing the check to Washington D.C.  politicians on behalf of the military industrial complex on Wall Street and the master bankers at the Federal Reserve System, Inc.
Yes. The mainstream media and much of the entertainment industry are assisting governmental, Marxist, and fascist powers in controlling what the American people think. That is why I created The Mental Militia sixteen years ago, and that is why James is making the movie, MAINSTREAM. Most importantly, that is why Oath Keepers would like to ask each reader here to contribute to this film.

Oath Keepers is under increasing attack. As your editor for seven years, I can assure you that our message of reaching out to police and military current-serving personnel and teaching them about the true meaning in that Oath they each swore is something the corruption in Washington D.C. cannot tolerate. We are being attacked mercilessly in the mainstream media now more than ever. The profilers over at the Southern Poverty Law Center are selling their imagined nonsense about Oath Keepers to the U.S. Department of Defense for fat paychecks, while at the same time spreading their vile defamations to police departments by offering police departments “training classes”.  You can start learning about that here and here.
In supporting James’ newest film project you are indirectly supporting Oath Keepers as well. As with MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE, our founder, Stewart Rhodes has a starring role in MAINSTREAM. And Oath Keepers is in the opening credits of the film.  At bottom line, your donations will help strike a blow against the tyranny which is coming at us like a run-away freight train.
Please go here to donate —
Want more info about the movie? It’s all right here, synopsis, script, featured experts, trailers, snippets, and budget:

I want to thank you for sharing this relaxing moment with me. Shortly I’ll dive into the next round of madness which crosses my screen with too much to read, too many phone calls, too many emails, and too many ideas about how freedom might survive what’s coming at this nation — another day at the salt mines and in the trenches of the MindWar, trying to ride herd on the Oath Keepers national website. In parting, I’d like to share with you one other thing for which I greatly respect James Jaeger. That would be his tradition of posting his documentary films on Constitutional issues online for free viewing. James wants everyone to have access to the Constitutional knowledge carried in his films. And those Oath Keepers and friends who’ve made these films possible can know that their donations continue to serve the American people with honor, long after the movies are produced. Here are all of James’ Constitutional documentary films in one location on the WWW for free viewing and link-sharing with friends —
And please don’t forget to join Oath Keepers also!   Your dues help keep our supply lines open. Click here to join: 

Thank You. “God bless America”. And “God Bless Your Soul!” Thank you for not selling out on Freedom.

Elias Alias, editor

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