Sunday, January 24, 2016

Middle Eastern Leaders Say Obama Is…

Muslim Obama -

Here you have it, straight out of the horse-breeder’s mouth. Pretty sure a Muslim knows a Muslim when they see one in action.
The head of general security for Emirate of Dubai, Dhahi Khalfan Tamin and a former Iraqi parliamentarian have suggested the same thing.
A Syrian writer, Muhydin Lazikani, points out that Barry is the “son of a Shiite Kenyan father.” The name “Hussein” is Shiite after all.


Then we have his aforementioned behavior. Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian, Anti-non-Shiite, Islamo-panderer, Islamic terrorist freer, Islamic terrorist trader for traitor, CAIR conspirator, the Ayatollah’s #1 fan, and where does it stop?

Read the full story at US Herald

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