Thursday, October 22, 2015

Democrats in Deep Trouble

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Democrats have embraced liberal lies and are now reaping what they have sowed.
Check it out:
Matthew Yglesias, no relation to Julio Iglesias, no relation to Enrique Iglesias and therefore no relationship to that blonde Russian tennis player. What’s her name? Anna Kournikova.
Matthew is a lone Yglesias. He runs around with his buddies at Vox, which would be Ezra Klein and a number of other young Millennial types for the most part that grew tired of working for the old stand-by big guys, New York Times, Washington Post. They found some funding, which is what liberals do, and got this site that… I guess it’s owned now by… I forget now who owns it. A major, major, big time organization owns it now, but they set their site up as an explainer site, not as a news site. 

Meaning they take the news out there and they do explainer stories. “What does this mean? What is it about?” They leave the reporting to others. And they explain it, of course, with a very, very demonstrable left-wing tilt. But Matthew Yglesias is the first Democrat I have seen stumble on to this topic and write about it. The headline of his piece: “Democrats Are in Denial. Their Party Is Actually in Deep Trouble.” Now, I have been pointing this out since 2010. The midterm elections 2010, the first Tea Party midterm.
Remember that election? The Democrats lost 700 seats across the country. Governorships, state legislatures, mayorals, city council, you name it — and they lost another close to 700 in 2014. They are down nearly 1500 seats, between 12,000 and 1500 seats/elected positions nationwide. And Yglesias has stumbled across this. I hope I do not damage his reputation or career by citing him here. But it happens. But I just want to say, because young Millennials are reading this today. 

“The Democratic Party is in much greater peril than its leaders or supporters recognize, and it has no plan to save itself. Yes, Barack Obama is taking a victory lap in his seventh year in office. Yes, Republicans can’t find a credible candidate to so much as run for speaker of the House. Yes, the GOP presidential field is led by a megalomaniacal reality TV star,” and yeah, they’re bumbling like the Keystone Cops. “All this is true — but rather than lay the foundation for enduring Democratic success, all it’s done is breed a wrongheaded atmosphere of complacence,” among Democrats.
“The presidency is extremely important, of course. But there are also thousands of critically important offices all the way down the ballot. And the vast majority — 70% of state legislatures, more than 60% of governors, 55% of attorneys general and secretaries of state — are in Republicans hands,” and the brunt of that since the 2010 midterms nationwide. There has been a rejection of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party that they don’t want to talk about. 

And, folks, I have to tell you: It has not been an embrace of the Republican Party because the Republican hasn’t run for anything. The Republican Party strategically in both midterms stayed mute. They were afraid of saying anything that would anger people. So they didn’t say diddlysquat. They didn’t criticize Obama. Individual candidates out there did. But the party itself did not. So the people of this country, it is accurate to say, in the midterms in 2010 and 2014, rejected Democrats all over this country.
Exceptions, of course, California, New York. But the numbers are still what they are: “70% of state legislatures, more than 60% of governors, 55% of attorneys general and secretaries of state — are in Republicans hands. And, of course, Republicans control both chambers of Congress. Indeed, even the House infighting reflects, in some ways, the health of the GOP coalition. Republicans are confident they won’t lose power in the House,” in 2016, “and are hungry for a vigorous argument about how best to use the power they have.

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