Thursday, August 7, 2014

Juan Williams Fox News Token Obama Zombie...!

Obama Zombies
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[And Juan you aren't exactly a spring chicken yourself...whats with "old people" comments?]
oped: Really now Juan old white people???? Hmmm and who pray tell rescued your career when PBS fired your sorry ass? Was it young multi~colored [Rainbow flag people] progressives who run PBS and subscribe to the Obama doctrine? Ya know what Juan you really need to educate yourself on the history of slavery and make a total ass out of yourself when you go on rants and raves using the rediculous far left progressive talking points...!

Here Juan start here on your new adventure to find the truth:

Those Who Say You Are Playing the Race Card, While Playing It ...
[Those Who Say You Are Playing the Race Card, While Playing It ...]
Juan Williams: The Only People That Want Obama Impeached Are Old White Far Right Wingers of the Republican Party 

There are plenty of reasons that I do not watch televised news media; but, the main reason is the news organizations do not report “news” nor do they report on issues without being biased. Most news shows lean heavy toward liberal, progressive ideologies with their anchors echoing talking points from this administration then skewing the opposing conservative view in a 15 second rebuttal. In watching some of the “news” talk shows, it doesn’t take long to see the liberal, progressive diatribe emerge with any opposing view or point based on facts be submerged under a litany of labels, especially racism.
On “Fox News Sunday,” liberal commentator Juan Williams suggesting that only “while, older” people were calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama and the Republican Party has become “almost all white,” older and far right leaning.
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