Monday, August 4, 2014

Americans Being Terrorized to Cede Our Country to Illegals

Everyone knows there's something out of whack about the criminals/illegals situation.... but most can't quite put their finger on exactly what it is. It's like being in the Twilight Zone, waiting for the US cavalry.
With 20-30 million criminals/illegals in the country, it is a massive crime.
It deprives USA citizens of hundreds of billions, while degrading every aspect of civic and social life. Jails are stuffed with Mexican drug lords; communities are awash with gangs bringing their habits of violence, crime, disdain for authority and greed for easy pickings. Los Angeles and other big cities are now experiencing more crime.
Logic suggests this massive abuse of the USA and its citizens be ended.

But instead it has grown.
In part because the media portray the entire infamy falsely.
By sleight of hand corrupt Mexico is not held to account.
illegal2Instead, media people are promoting the destructive notion that Americans must be held responsible for the millions who have lawlessly crossed  the border to help themselves to treasure bought and paid for by hard-working USA citizens.
This is what is driving Americans crazy.
The utter rejection by the press of the truth that Mexico, and other nations south of the border, are responsible for their own poor people.
For example, the Orange County Register, California, runs endless articles on the "plight" of the "poor" illegals...but never a factual article on the economic and cultural devastation 20-30 million criminals/illegals have caused in the USA.

In fact, media repeats there are only 11 million in the USA...impossible for them to send back $40-50 BILLION to Mexico yearly. People must begin to reengage their judgment and stop relying on the lies in the media by quirky "surveys" and other such tools of the Left/Marxists/Democrats.
Going to extremes, the media now refuses to use the correct term for these lawbreakers.
They now insist on using the term "migrant" or  "undocumented" - as though there were a mere slip of the pen somewhere along the line when they broke into the country.
"Oh, wait, you there, swimming across the Rio Grande didn't pick up your documents."...
"Never mind, you won't need them. Just tell them about your ‘plight’."
It's sort of like using the generic Hispanic term, to avoid identifying them as Mexicans, which the majority has been.
Talk about doublespeak - today, the flood of current gate-crashers are "refugees" - upping the "plight" quotient.

Americans endure daily media misrepresentation of the onslaught, portraying the border-jumpers as benign, without threat. Which is untrue.
Gang members are in the mix...and likely terrorists, as well.
No one knows or has proof of anyone's name, place of origin, medical or criminal status and intentions. Nonetheless, they are being dumped onto unwilling and unsuspecting Americans to find a place for them at their dining table.
Illegal ObamaPresident Obama says he'll deport them. Then under cover of darkness, in secret, he dispatches them to interior cities, far from the border, without permission from those governors or citizens.
Murrieta, California, patriots turned back the bus loads of disease-ridden illegals. Other communities were not so fortunate.
Reports indicate a Murrieta publication featured a government ad stating it would pay $6,000 to those who would take in an illegal. That's taxpayer money.

The good thing for the media is the propaganda is nearly self-generating. You can't make up stories like this.
Such as the recent front-page article on a Catholic Church mass in Los Angeles with five-column color photos of prayer vigils where a saint, who is said to be the patron of these people, is petitioned for help.
A young woman was quoted in this article exhibiting breathtaking ignorance of the fact that SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR HER "DREAM."
"I'm trying to represent young undocumented (she means illegals) teenagers who are trying to get higher education, like me, and still have their undocumented families to worry about and help. We all are trying to reach the same goals..."
That is to confiscate what Americans created for their own children.

The criminal is portrayed as noble, with no understanding SOMEONE IS PAYING FOR HER DREAM...AMERICAN CITIZENS, AGAINST THEIR WILL.
No mention of why she and all the others don't go to Mexico and demand their "dream" there...certainly Mexican resident Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world, could fund her education and everyone else’s. But she is here making her demands.
One has to wonder how that prayer at the LA mass would go...
"Please, let me be successful in breaking into the United States of America so I can have everything I want for free while I remain loyal to my beloved Mexico."

No reports there is a designated patron saint for American Citizens who wish to avoid having their country and its treasure confiscated by criminals/illegals flooding across the border. Perhaps St. Jude, patron of hopeless cases, may be invoked.
Congress and the GOP do nothing.
So the media continues to abuse Americans with articles designed to terrorize - to force citizens to cede their country.
If America loses this fight the country is lost.
Western culture is lost.
That appears to be the intention of the Left/Marxists/Democrats.
Flood the country with more welfare illegals with habits and culture incompatible with America's self-reliant and Constitutional democracy, and the battle is won.

Citizens must contact all media and demand the untruthful propaganda end. That the damage by criminals/illegals be examined and published.
Citizens must call on congress members to demand an end to the open border by any means.
Roman emperor Hadrian built a wall across Britain 2,000 years ago to keep the barbarians at bay. He stationed Roman soldiers along that border to effectively stop any invasions.
America can easily do the same.
That's what citizens demand.
Get going...the US cavalry is not on the horizon...Americans are on their own.
Thomas Paine
Saving America as Founded



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