Wednesday, August 14, 2013

President Obama’s Goofy Golf Pose: What Was He Thinking?

oped: Not sure if he is doing the goose step: 

Or Barry just wants to be Sandra Dee...dunno: 

 President Obama Golf Pose Leg Lift Martha's Vineyard Original
 [While his leg was suspended in mid-air, a press photographer snapped the following unfortunate photo:]

via: SocialistMop
On Monday afternoon, while on vacation with the First Family in Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama finally had the chance to do something that he never gets to do: play golf.
However, on the very first hole, the President was already having trouble with his short game. For his inaugural putt, Obama sent the ball sailing toward the cup, but his shot was not quite on target. What POTUS did next will likely baffle historians for generations.
With the ball still in motion, the President awkwardly lifted his leg into the air, as though he were attempting to use some strange influence to remotely force the ball into the hole. It was the same technique that he used to jam healthcare through Congress.

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