Friday, August 16, 2013

Christian Churches Attacked, Burn All Over Egypt

oped: Just imagine if Mosques were being burned...The Obama administration would be on air...calling this a hate crime against Allah and Muhammad...the silence from Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama is deafining...! 

(Illustration:  Prince Tadros church in Minya is now burning  by protesters loyal to Ousted Morsi)
List of churches that have been attacked:
1 – The Church of the Virgin Mary and Anba Abram of the Copts Orthodox village Dljh, the center of Deir Mawas, Minya Governorate burning church and demolished.
2 – The Church of St. Mina Coptic Orthodox neighborhood of Abu Hilal Kebly Minya Governorate burning church
3 – St. George’s Church Copts الارثوزكس the land of the archbishopric, Sohag Governorate burning church
4 – Center Baptist Church Bani Mazar, Minya Governorate burning church
5 – Church of Our Lady of Copts الأرثوزكس the village Nazlah, Yusuf Center, Fayoum governorate burning the church …
6 – Monastery of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd + school Suez burning
7 – Church Street parents Alfrencescan the Suez burning 23
8 – The Bible Society of Friends Fayoum burning
9 – The Church of Saint Maximus 45th Street Alexandria harassment
10 – Church of Prince Taodharos Echatbi Fayoum burning
11 – Church of Our Lady of Copts الارثوزكس the street butchers Abu Hilal District Minia Governorate burning
12 – Church Marmriqs the Catholic Copts Abu Hilal District, Minya Governorate burning
13 – Church of the Jesuit Fathers Abu Hilal District, Minya Governorate burning
14 – Church of the Virgin and Abram news Sohag burning
15 – Church Marmriqs the building services electricity Street, Sohag burning
16 – a Father Onjelios home king pastor of the Church of the Virgin and Anba Abram Bdljh of Deir Mawas Dljh the center of the province of Minya house was completely burned
17 – the burning of the Greek Church in Suez 

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