Sunday, October 14, 2012

Space Jumper to reach the speed of sound..?

Ha..Smoke and Mirrors folks!

Gravity accelerates an object high up in the air downward at the usual rate of 32 ft/second. As it accelerates.however,the air resistance increases,roughly like speed at low speeds and then more like the square of the speed.Finally,the air resistance exerts an upward force exactly equal and opposite to the force of gravity.The object will then continue to fall at that speed,which is called terminal speed.
For a person in free fall,the terminal speed is about 60 m/s or 135 mph. When his parachute opens(hopefully),the terminal speed is reduced to around 12 mph.
Baloon to an altitude of around 25 miles(131,250 feet) above Earth. At this altitude the baloon is above 99.95 percent of the atmosphere,and is virtually in a space starts..!
Taking this into consideration the Space Jumper could reach the speed of sound...however after reaching the atmosphere (below 25 miles) the speed would be reduced to Maximum Velocity which is 135 mph.
Just for the record a parachute would be destroyed if opened at the speed of sound...this is all smoke and mirrors folks....Evil Knievel he not

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