Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama thinks he is a Buffalo Soldier...!

Ok after considerable analysis and deep thought on the subject of why Barack Obama thinks as he does...well I blame years of Marijuana abuse... he is on a perpetual high on 'cloud nine'..actually believes his own lies..I do believe this is called the proverbial 'Freudian Complex' .He has no clue who he really is or where he came from much less who his real father is..Now Barry finds himself as CIC of the most powerful Military in the world..what to do..oh yeah light up another smoke and drift off into never~ never land....his safe place..! He can dream about the 1870's being a 'Buffalo Soldier' correcting all the wrongs of the world...News Flash Barry... 'Buffalo Soldiers' and for that matter the 'Tuskegee Aimen' WWII actually served and contributed to the advancement of African Americans... and by the way you are no LTC Allen West, the modern day representative of the advancement of minorities in a good light...Get a clue Barry...resign your office and let those who know what the hell they are doing take are a embarrassment to  your ethnic group! Not to forget destroying the USA as we know it!

Cue the song 'Buffalo Soldier' :

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