Monday, October 15, 2012

Named: Al-Qaida men who killed ambassador

by Jerome R. Corsi 

WND is in receipt of a 270-page intelligence report in Arabic originating from Libya that names specific al-Qaida operatives in Libya as being responsible for the murder of U.S. Amb. Christopher Stevens.
The report originated from Muftah Faraj, a member of the Warfalla tribe of Bani Walid in Libya, who is currently in exile from Libya, subsequent to a Skype teleconference Faraj conducted with WND from the Middle East.

The intelligence report blames President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and NATO for engaging in a war against Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi that ended up destabilizing Libya to the advantage of radical Muslim elements including al-Qaida.
After Arab researcher Walid Shoebat translated and analyzed the intelligence report for WND, the document held such specific intelligence about the circumstances and people involved in the attack on Stevens that WND decided to share the intelligence report with the CIA.
To the surprise of WND, the CIA replied the agency had independently obtained the document and the information contained was known to the Obama administration, even though the Obama administration has not chosen to share with the American public the key findings contained in the report.
“The point everyone misses is that Gadhafi was not a radical Islamist,” Muftah told WND.  “Gadhafi kept al-Qaida out of Libya. If it had not been for NATO, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, al-Qaida would not be in Libya and Chris Stevens would still be alive.”
The document names Mohammad Abdullah Aqil, a wealthy and corrupt individual who owns and operates a Mercedes car dealership in Tripoli, as the principal funder of al-Qaida in Libya.

Walid Shoebat further confirmed that during Gadhafi’s rule, Aqil worked with Abdullah Sanusi of Gadhafi’s secret service, where Aqil provided the financing to implement logistics that were aimed to carry out assassinations of anti-Gadhafi Libyan expatriates living in France,Lebanon, Egypt and mostly in Greece.
After falling out of favor with Gadhafi, Aqil was put in prison for six months, turning him against Gadhafi and the regime.
The document further specifies Aqil works closely in Libya with Abdul Hakem Belhaj, the chief al-Qaida operative who organized and directed the terrorist attack that killed Stevens.
In 1992, after the Mujahadeen took Kabul, Belhaj traveled across the Middle East and Eastern Europe, before returning to Libya to form the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a group that failed to overthrow Gadhafi in two decades of fighting.
After President Obama and Secretary Clinton expressed support for the Libyan revolution and engaged in military action against Libyan military forces loyal to Gadhafi, Belhaj then became the leader of the Misrata revolutionaries who ultimately captured the capital Tripoli and finally succeeding in ousting Gadhafi.
After Gadhafi was deposed and murdered, the report documents Aqil applied his wealth to assisting Belhaj in supplying vehicles and military equipment for Libyan revolutionaries and al-Qaida terrorists opposed to the regime imposed on Libya by Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO.

“It is also common knowledge that the death of Stevens was a plot by al-Qaida, which vowed to revenge for a U.S. military drone attack that killed in Pakistan al-Qaida second-in-command Abu Yahya al-Libi,” Shoebat summarized. “Indeed by killing Stevens, al-Qaida got its revenge. The tragedy is the Obama administration failed miserably to protect Stevens and the other three brave Americans killed in the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi.”
“Abdul Hakim Belhaj, whose real name is Abdul Wahab Ghaid, also wanted revenge for the killing of his brother, Abu Yahya al-Libi the second man in Al-Qaida, who was killed in Pakistan,” Shoebat stressed.
Belhaj had a second personal motive for wanting to see Stevens dead.
In an interview last year, Belhaj, then identified as a senior rebel commander, told the Guardian how he was tortured in Bangkok by two CIA agents, before being returned to Libya, where he was tortured again.
After Obama, Clinton and NATO sided in Libya with the rebels against Gadhafi, al-Qaida operatives suddenly became legitimate in Libya and Belhaj became a hero carrying out the Obama-Clinton-NATO plan for the anti-government rebellion to oust Gadhafi.
Today, after masterminding the al-Qaida plan to kill Stevens, Belhaj claims he has a clean slate and is no longer an al-Qaida member.
Remarkably, Belhaj is currently suing the U.K. commission in charge of Diego Garcia over his 2004 extradition to Gadhafi’s Libya, asserting his personal civil rights were violated.

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