Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Media: Obama 'wins debate before it even starts'

by Joe Kovacs 

PALM BEACH, Fla. – The second presidential debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney hasn’t even taken place yet, but the national media are already preparing to declare Obama the winner.
That according to radio host Rush Limbaugh, who said left-leaning reporters and analysts have their Obama-as-victor copy already written in advance.

“If Obama shows up tonight and successfully breathes, he’s going to be declared the winner,” Limbaugh said.
“He would have to set his hair on fire and other things to be even considered the loser in the debate tonight. The media has already written the story: ‘The comeback kid!’ Just get ready for it. They can’t wait for that meme, if you will, for that narrative.”
It’s already taking place in some media venues.
Former debate moderator and left-leaning journalist Carole Simpson cast doubt on Mitt Romney’s expectations while building up President Obama’s.
“I would have to say he [Obama] would have the edge in this debate,” Simpson told CNN Monday. “One of Mitt Romney’s problems throughout the campaign season has been does he relate to ordinary people?” she asked before adding “I’m not sure he can.”
Limbaugh explained if Obama tries to do what Vice President Joe Biden did by laughing at his opponent in last week’s debate, “that’s fraught with danger.”
“He can’t recapture 2008. If he tries to re-create the magic of 2008 with all the lofty, flowery nothings, sorry, folks, there’s a record of four years now. He can’t do that. He’s sort of reduced here to making Romney look like a creep.”

“I don’t know what he can do. He’s lost the big ingredient. He was an unknown, and anybody could make him what they wanted him to be. Can’t do that anymore.”
Limbaugh stressed the biggest problem Obama faces is his dismal record since taking office in 2009.
“He’s cooked. He’s got nothing to run on! He can’t point to anything he’s done and say, ‘We want more of it and people want more of it.’”
Limbaugh expects Obama to try to attack Romney on a comment he made to wealthy donors in May, saying he thinks 47 percent of Americans believe they are victims and entitled to government help.

Limbaugh explained: “Romney should simply say, ‘Let’s talk about the middle class, Mr. President. You seem so convinced and so eager talk about the 47 percent. Let’s talk about what you’ve done as president. Let’s talk about your actual record as it relates to the 47 percent, Mr. President. Twenty-three million unemployed and underemployed. Five percent loss median family income. Fifty-four thousand dollars a year to 50,000. Forty-seven million Americans on food stamps.’
“You want to talk about 47, Mr. President?  There are 47 million Americans on food stamps, and that number has increased geometrically under your administration.  One out of six Americans, Mr. President, and all of them in the 47 percent in poverty. Unemployment, Mr. President, is almost 15%, when you count the unemployed, underemployed, and people in temporary jobs who want full time jobs.  You call this a recovery? You call this progress? This is a miserable disaster, Mr. President.  You and your policies are wiping out the middle class.  You seem to believe that more taxes and more spending and more debt and more regulations will create jobs.  Nobody else thinks that.  The proof of your failure, Mr. President, is in your record, and you can’t blame anybody else for that. You can’t blame Hillary for it. You can’t blame George Bush for it. You just have to look at yourself in the mirror.”
Limbaugh concluded: “Obama knows that he’s full of it. Romney knows that Obama’s full of it. And Obama knows that Romney knows that he’s full of it. And because Romney knows that Obama’s full of it, and Obama knows that Romney knows it, that’s why Obama hates Romney.”
The debate is scheduled for 9 p.m. Eastern from Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

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