Friday, October 19, 2012

Lesbian Soldier Begins Sex-Change Process During Deployment To Afghanistan

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WTF...Over! I have just about had enough of the LGBT be honest they are all nuts..all suffering from a classic 'Freudian Complex'...aka 'Caligula' they can't make up their minds if they are 'Gay' or out of 'gender'... until they can prove without a doubt DNA is the cause... we must rebuke this entire concept of being born that way...they are mental cases with a rediculous cause! Enough is Enough of this social experiment....soldiers do not need to deal with this crap!

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Lesbian Soldier Begins Sex-Change Process During Deployment To Afghanistan

gay pride flag 3 SC Lesbian Soldier Begins Sex Change Process During Deployment to Afghanistan
( – A 26-year-old lesbian deployed to Afghanistan reportedly brought along male hormones — part of her ongoing sex change from female to male, the Military Times reported this week.
The Specialist — who eventually plans to take the name “Keith” — says she has been legally married to a woman for the past two years. Contacted in Afghanistan by the newspaper, Keith said her voice is getting deeper: “I’m getting more muscle. I feel more energy. I feel more like myself,” she was quoted as saying. 

Keith also told the Military Times that her deployment to Afghanistan is a good opportunity to start taking male hormones: “I work out about every day, so the body definition is looking good.” She said she’s able to work out more when she’s deployed than she could when she’s home.
The article notes that the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” last year allowed homosexuals to serve openly in the military, but it did not address transgender individuals. The Military Times said under military policy, troops diagnosed with “gender identity disorder” are deemed medically unfit for service and face administration separation.
Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), a group that advocates “full LGBT equality” in the U.S. military, says transgender service is one of the issues that still must be addressed: 

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