Monday, April 17, 2017

Oldies Battle of the Bands #Trump vs #Obama

Alrighty then I for one am sick and tired of the rights corner Donald J Trump vs the Lefts corner Barry Barack Obama ranting and raving on who is the most transparent and which is best for the USA !
We can solve this problemo simply by having a old school Battle of the Bands!

Battle of the Bands is a contest in which two or more bands compete for the title of "best band". The winner is determined by a voice vote of the audience "We the People"

May I suggest a two hour Town Hall meeting between Donald J Trump and Barry Barack Obama on neutral ground..each having a representative from the media who supports them... a representative from Fox News representing Donald J Trump and a representative from MSM representing Barry Barack Obama.

Begin a series of hard hitting questions on the following subjects backed up by proof in the form of documentation!

US Citizenship...backed up by original Long Form Birth Certificate

School records (all schools attended)...including courses taken /completed and grades,student loans and scholarships received.

Complete work history with documentation

Passport records... childhood as well as adult records

Draft registration records

Social Security records

Religious affiliation records with documentation

Marriage /divorce /adoption records

Political party affiliation..past/present

Lifetime accomplishments

Federal Income Tax records for the three years leading up to the election

Medical records relating to... fit for duty

Feel free to add any other relevant history/background questions

If the above issues are brought to life then the mystery of he said /she said will be solved once and for all!

Representatives of the bands asking the questions and demanding proof from the opposition ie: Fox News directing to Obama and MSM directing to Trump.

Barry Barack Obama aka Duke of Earl

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