Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ISIS Terrorists TEAR Woman’s Baby from Womb, What They Did Next is More EVIL

This story is enough to make anyone vomit.
How could monsters like this exist?
A Yazidi woman who was caught and held captive by ISIS terrorists spoke at the recent Women in the World Summit. Her story involved tragedy and slavery and was horrific.
From the New York Times:
“The Yazidi woman wept at times while describing the eight months she spent enslaved by ISIS, and how the persecuted minority is enduring the attempted genocide.

“Speaking on Friday to the Women in the World Summit, in Kurdish with activist Feryal Pirali as her translator, Ibrahim recounted how the trauma began when she tried to flee Islamic State militants in August 2014. Having heard of the atrocities committed by the group, she and her family were desperate to hide from the genocidal extremists.
“‘They captured me when we were running to the mountains,’ Ibrahim said in her interview with Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi. She and her family were taken back their hometown of Sinjay, in Iraqi Kurdistan. There, they were held as slaves. Only half of the 40 family members taken prisoner remain alive today.
“In captivity, Ibrahim was forced to convert to Islam. She also witnessed the extremists kill some of her friends. To avoid being raped, Ibrahim first pretended to be married to her cousin. But the ruse did not work for long. After two months the ISIS fighters discovered she had lied and forcibly separated her from her cousin. “They did not believe me and they took him,” Ibrahim said. She never saw him again.

“Ibrahim said she never was raped, but she was subject to abuse. Once, after she tried to escape, her captors “did every bad thing they could do to me.”
“Ibrahim was sold and resold repeatedly. At one point, however, she became so sick that her owner let her go free. Today she lives with some of her family members in northern Iraq in a camp for Yazidi victims of ISIS violence.”

Her story is terrible, no one is denying that. But it was the story of her translator Feryal Pirali that was even more horrifying.
Pirali spoke after Shireen Ibrahim recounted her eight months in captivity.
She said she had a friend who was pregnant in 2010 and unable to flee an ISIS assault.
Her friend was captured. What they did to her, no human should ever go through.
Extremist fighters, [the translator] explained, sliced open her friend’s stomach and took out the fetus. ‘They raped the baby, and they raped her, and they thought she was dead so they left her behind.’
These monsters have lived long enough. It’s time to take action.
Trump has shown that he isn’t afraid to defend what’s right.
He’s shown he isn’t afraid to attack those who threaten innocent human life.
The time to act is now. We’ve waited too long already.

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