Friday, March 3, 2017

Anyone can be queen with ‘gender inclusivity’ According to the #LGBTQ community

oped: First and foremost...personally I for one could care less what consenting adults do in private...the problem I have with the LGBTQ community as well as the looney left progressive judges is their insistence that we all must adhere to their sexual preferences and give carte blanche' preference to their rights as guaranteed under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights. {note: there is absolutely no evidence of a LGBTQ gene expressed through the DNA physiology ...if born with female parts one is female if born with male parts one is male...the only exception would be a hermaphrodite born with both parts and very rare in nature and the only ones who can actually claim whichever sex they relate to! 
Therefore it becomes a sexual fetish of what one prefers to have sex with and or a mental issue not a physiological one!

This is so wrong and illegal in so many ways...Judges have zero authority to legislate from the bench..they have no right to take away ones rights in preference to another's as guaranteed under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights...this applies to all of the Amendments to the US Constitution/Bill of Rights. 
Example ie: if one states they have religious values as to what they will produce in their bakery...they are covered under the Bill of many times have you seen the little signs in stores stating "We have the right to refuse service to anyone" ? This is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights 

If the LGBTQ community does not like the service at a particular store they can go to a store that agrees with and accepts their ideology/preferences or open their own store! They have zero rights to take away another's in favor of their preferences in life...hello the Right to pursue happiness guaranteed under the US Constitution applies to all not just a favored in the proverbial moment group! 

To take this a step further do the homework on what this is really all about start here and continue your own search for the on all the links provided within the post to see all issues within:


The University of Minnesota is shedding its “king” and “queen” titles for homecoming, organizers said Monday. Instead “royalty” will be the term of choice.
The Student Unions and Activities office said in its announcement that the change come this fall is “an effort toward gender inclusivity.”
“We wish to promote a spirit of inclusion at the University of Minnesota,” the announcement continued. “This change allows the University to select the best student representatives for the U based on campus and community involvement — regardless of gender.”
Organizers said they “can be any combination of any gender identity.”
The move away from gender-specific labels has been going on for several years on campuses around the country.

Last fall, the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s annual homecoming for the first time in nearly 80 years did not crown a homecoming king and queen. Instead, several students were selected Friday for the Stout Ambassadors Spirit Award. At the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the titles of king and queen were dropped last year in favor of royalty, ending the requirement that the two be of the opposite sex.
The U’s Twin Cities campus has celebrated homecoming since 1914 and includes activities such as community service opportunities, concerts and the Homecoming parade and football game.
Homecoming royalty represent the university on campus and at various events such as the Minnesota State Fair. Also, the two students who win the royalty title will be awarded a scholarship.
The two who are now the U’s final king and queen are 2016 selections Ethan Dado, of Amery, Wis., and Priyanka Shah, of Eden Prairie.
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