Monday, February 27, 2017

Is Paul Ryan Setting Trump Up For Impeachment?

Conservatives are concerned Republicans in Congress – led by Paul Ryan – haven’t moved on repealing Obamacare, cutting taxes and securing the border.
Inaction could have serious consequences.
And Paul Ryan could be setting Donald Trump up for impeachment.
So far, Donald Trump has taken bold actions through executive orders.
But in order to enact his most high-profile campaign promises, he needs Congress to act.
And so far, the Paul Ryan-led House and Mitch McConnell-led Senate are paralyzed.

One month into Trump’s term, there has been no movement on repealing Obamacare or cutting taxes.
And conservatives are warning that this course of inaction could have dire consequences.
Erick Erickson wrote that without major achievements, GOP voters won’t be motivated to turn out in 2018, which could hand Congress to the Democrats and install Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into leadership:

“Mid-term elections depend on an excited and mobilized base. The Democrats have it. If the GOP does not keep the one promise that made so many people stick with them, they will see their numbers wiped out. The typical turnover in the House in a midterm election is 30 seats. That would be enough to replace Paul Ryan with Nancy Pelosi.
If the GOP will not repeal Obamacare — if they just tweak it or do some too clever by half Cassidy-Collins plan where they keep it and claim they did not keep it — the GOP might as well kiss the House goodbye and probably the Senate too.”

If Democrats win control of Congress, all bets are off.
Impeachment could even be on the table.
Conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt warned if the Democrats win control of Congress, it won’t be long before they try to impeach Trump and remove him from office.
Politico reported:

“Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday warned that President Donald Trump begins his administration on “thin ice” with Democrats, who could move to impeach the new president if they retake the House of Representatives in 2018.
Democrats and liberal groups have already launched an effort to impeach Trump over allegations of conflicts of interest, including with his new Washington, D.C., hotel. A watchdog group filed suit Monday, claiming Trump’s business dealings with foreign countries that rent space in his buildings or lend money to his real estate empire violate the foreign emoluments clause of the Constitution. 

“I think it would occur after midterms and only if the House flips to the Democrats. So the potential is there, yes,” Hewitt told Yahoo News’ Katie Couric of the possibility that Trump faces impeachment. “If you abuse power, if you do anything — you don’t have a lot of goodwill in the reservoir. He’s beginning his presidency successfully in my view with a few very bold initiatives but with the highest negatives of any incoming president since Gallup kept track. That says to me: thin ice, move carefully.” 

Hewitt isn’t making this up out of thin air.
Democrats have already started making noise about impeachment.
Congressmen Keith Ellison – a leftist favorite – raised the specter of impeaching Trump during a debate between contenders for the Democratic National Committee Party Chair.
The Daily Caller reported:

“I think that Donald Trump has already done a number of things which legitimately raise the question of impeachment,” Ellison said during a debate on CNN on Wednesday with his fellow DNC chair hopefuls…
“I think that we need to begin investigations, to not go after Donald Trump, but to protect our Constitution and the presidency of the United States so that nobody can monetize the presidency and profit off of it for their own gain,” said Ellison.”
If Ryan continues to sputter as House leader and not move on Trump’s priorities, Republican voters will not be energized to turn out in 2018.
If that happens – and Democrats retake control of Congress – many conservatives are disturbed that some Democrats will push to follow through on their impeachment talk.


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