Monday, February 27, 2017

Babies & Refugees – Liberals Want to Kill 1 & Welcome the Other

By Dave Jolly

Have you ever wondered at the blind hypocrisy of many liberals?

Have you ever been driving on the road and saw a car with one bumper sticker supporting abortion and other wanting to save whales, seals or some other animal?
Have you ever asked one which was more valuable – an animal or a human baby?

Think about all of the riots and protests we’ve seen lately in our nation over the alleged rights of refugees who want to escape to America. Tens of thousands of liberals rebelled when President Trump tried to issue a TEMPORARY halt on accepting refugees until such time that a better vetting system could be put in place.
Just a temporary ban on refugees, was unacceptable to the left-wing liberals who lost control of the nation in November’s election. They care nothing about the safety of American citizens or our nation. It seems all they care about are foreigners, some of which are bent on carrying out attacks on American citizens and our nation.
One of the rhetorical lines we hear from liberals is that America was founded on immigration and everyone should have the right or opportunity to come to America and make a life for themselves.

Yet the very same people repeating these rhetorical sentiments refuse to give unborn children the same rights and opportunities that they want to extend to foreign refugees, some of which are terrorists in hiding.
Shouldn’t our own defenseless children be given the same rights and opportunities more so than to give them to foreigners?
Others are asking the same question:
“Brian Fisher of Human Coalition points out to OneNewsNow that a high number of those participating in the riots support abortion. He explains that while many of them want to extend full rights of citizenship to people who aren’t U.S. citizens, the preborn in the womb have no rights.” 

“For example, many marching in the women’s marches and protesting at airports are pro-abortion and are, therefore, according to Fisher, exercising discrimination and selective equality.” 

“Refugees may be seeking entry to America and asylum because of religious and political persecution, and some because they fear for their lives. So, in that sense, according to Fisher, babies in the womb are refugees.”
“‘They are seeking asylum; they are seeking safety,’ he says. ‘And so, I would think a preborn child is very akin to a refugee. They are simply trying to escape the persecution of an abortion-driven culture’.”
“Consequently, Fisher concludes, Americans who ‘clamor’ for the rights of foreign refugees can’t be taken seriously. It’s ‘nonsensical [and] hypocritical,’ he says, to argue for the rescue and protection of one group of human beings who are vulnerable while ‘passionately arguing for the death of another vulnerable group’.” 

We need someone to take this argument not only to all of the liberals spilling into the streets with their hypocritical whining, but to the anchor desks of the liberal mainstream media. I would be very interested to see how such flaming liberals like news anchors Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King from CBS This Morning would say when presented with the hypocrisy of their pro-abortion and for-refugee/immigrant reporting. If nothing else, it would show the nation just how hollow and empty their logic is.

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