Thursday, October 6, 2016

Megyn Kelly...super star...gained fame and fortune at Fox News the old fashioned way

 Megyn Kelly  Megyn Kelly’s Primetime Debut Wins In Total Viewers - Political ...
[The only thing that changes about Megyn is her hair do's]

Yes indeed...Megyn ain't a foolin' anyone with a lick of sense...Old school working girl tactics knocked Greta out of her prime time slot and propelled Megyn to Fox News / Super Star....hmmm casting couch anyone? 
Dunno...I report y'all decide...she is after all a Wolfie  in sheeps naughty clothing ... a Progressive/Green Party/Liberal tree huger etal < Attorney slang ha!  Betcha dollars to donuts after the election she accepts a job with NBC and or CNN as their returned Trojan Horse!

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