Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Hillary Clinton Presidency would be a House of Horrors!

By Dave Jolly 
In the past week, I’ve already written how a Hillary Clinton presidency will force many businesses to cut employees, cut hours or close their doors due to her insistence that they lose their tax breaks and start paying their fair share of taxes. The result will be more Americans out of work and a higher unemployment rate which will result in another recession or even a depression
In addition, Hillary wants to make the wealthy pay more in taxes. While that sounds great, realize that these are the people who own many of the businesses that employ millions of Americans. If they have to start paying more taxes than they are now and the companies they own are forced to pay more taxes, again, millions of Americans will end up out of work or having their hours cut by at least 25% to take them down to part time. The end result is a recession or possible depression. 

Hillary also wants to raise the estate tax on the wealthy to 65%. Generally, the businesses owned by the wealthy are passed down to their heirs, but under Hillary’s plan, the heirs will be forced to pay 65% of the value of that business to the federal government. Guess what that means? Yep, they’ll be forced to sell the business or even close it, again putting many Americans out of work and helping to contribute to a recession.
Don’t forget she has openly stated that she will take action to shut down the coal industry, leaving thousands of coal miners and everyone that relies on the coal industry, out of work. She has indicated that her push for green energy will exceed that of Obama which means she will also be an enemy to the oil industry and possibly resulting in many people in the oil industry ending up unemployed.

I also wrote that a Hillary presidency will mean that white males will be legally discriminated against and passed up for jobs and promotions. Hillary talks about equal and privileged rights for children, women and minorities. She’s also been a champion of LGBT people. The only demographic group of Americans she doesn’t mention or seem to care about are white males. If you lived through Affirmative Action just wait till you see a Hillary presidency.
If Hillary is elected, she will appoint at least one and possibly more Supreme Court Justices. You know her choices will be anti-American, anti-Constitution, socialists, Muslims or flaming liberals. This would give the high court a majority of justices that will rule on their and Hillary’s personal agendas instead of ruling on the Constitution and law. Such a court could drastically change the face of America and all for the worse.

Hillary is an ardent anti-Second Amendment gun hating advocate. It’s ironic and hypocritical that she has armed security everywhere she goes but she wants to deny you of having the right to carry and own a gun to defend yourself or your family. I’ve heard her on more than one occasion say that she will use Executive Orders if necessary to enact anti-gun legislation. As Secretary of State, she did sign the UN Small Arms Treaty that in the fine print could lead to the eventual outlawing of all small arms. Oh yea, by small arms, they include all automatic, semi-automatic, hunting, target and port rifles, shotguns and all handguns. Basically, under a Hillary presidency, she will take measure to outlaw private gun ownership, leaving guns in the hands of law enforcement, military and criminals.

Imagine America being plunged into another recession with millions of Americans out of work and losing their homes. With Hillary outlawing guns, criminals will have no hesitation targeting homes for intrusion and robbery because law abiding Americans will be unarmed.
These are only a few of the Hillary Horrors America could be facing if she wins the election in November. I really wish this warning could reach every American before the election and help them realize what could happen if they vote for Hillary.

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