Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hey Donald Trump...How about a rally in Virginia City,Nevada ?

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Today Hillary Clinton arrived in Reno,Nevada just down the hill and downwind...we had just had our air cleaned by a summer thunder storm...returning our sky blue again after dealing with all of Kawlifornia's fires over the last few weeks. Today I noticed haze returning on her arrival...must be her smoke and mirrors fouling our air!

At any rate how about having a rally in small town USA... by pass Reno and come on up...many will head up the hill from the valley's below and Tahoe to boot to see the event...guaranteed!

It's past time for those running for high office to come and visit small town America and present your message to real 'Middle America'

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Please and by all means time your rally during September... lot's of cool events going on as a backdrop for your visit..

Hoping to see you soon on your 'Step back in Time Rally' and bring the whole family grandkids also..we are family friendly!

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