Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clinton Campaign Manager: GLOBAL LOSS OF LIFE if Plug Pulled on Clinton Foundation

Just when you thought that the Clinton campaign couldn’t get any more ridiculous. Clinton campaign manager says steps Clinton Global Initiative plans to take should Clinton be elected are “unprecedented” and if the foundation were to be closed  ….. “Just pulling the plug on Clinton Foundation would threaten lives AROUND THE GLOBE” 

This guy is dead serious.
What in the world is going on inside the Global Initiative that would make this campaign manager say such a thing? Whatever is going on it must be bad news if pulling the plug would cause global loss of life.
We need more than the Federal Bureau of Investigations on this … oh wait, is there ANY entity in this nation that can find out what in the world is going on inside this foundation? Julian Assange has done a good bit, as have other hackers worldwide but it’s not enough. We have got to get to the bottom of this and fast.

Think about this for a moment….. GLOBAL LOSS OF LIFE if they pulled the plug on the Clinton Foundation. No it’s not just that folks will lose jobs and starve. He is claiming there are life saving treatments in healthcare that is PROVIDED by the Clinton Global Initiative.
It’s almost like Armageddon would occur. We think there is more to it and how come it was never mentioned ONCE at the Democrat National Convention if it has had THIS great of an impact?????
Scary or do we take off our tin foil hats?

Full Story Here:
Hillary’s Campaign Manager: Closing Down Clinton Foundation Would Threaten Lives – Patriot Tribune

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