Friday, July 22, 2016

BLM Protesters Won’t Let White Guy Use the Sidewalk: “Use Your White Privilege to Walk Around!”
by Philip Hodges 

An elderly white man was walking on his way to work in Washington, D.C. when he encountered a group of Black Lives Matter protesters. (I guess that’s what kids do these days while the grown-ups work – or try to anyway.)
The protesters were gathered on the sidewalk, and the man wanted to be able to use the sidewalk to continue on his way to work, but the protesters wouldn’t allow it. He tried to walk through the small crowd, but they blocked him with their outstretched arms.
As they chanted, “Walk around!” he told them that he didn’t want to walk around, that he wanted to use the sidewalk.
They replied, “Use your white privilege to walk around!” Protesters could also be heard chanting, “We see your white privilege!”

Visibly flustered – as anyone would be in that situation – the man waved down a nearby police officer for assistance. The cop approached the group and talked to the person who appeared to be the “leader.” Obviously, the cop didn’t think he could do anything about it, and everyone was allowed to proceed in blocking the man as well as every other potential passerby from using that area of the sidewalk.
The frustrated man turned around and went the other direction.
The Blaze reported on another scene where protesters blocked people’s paths…well, black people were allowed to pass through, but not white people:

The station added in another Wednesday report that protesters let black people through blocked locations but not white people.
In a similar scene captured on camera, a man riding a bicycle with three young children was blocked by protesters.
He turned his bike around and rode down another street as protesters chanted.
“No longer will we allow the bodies of black people to lay on the ground or for police officers to call union representatives before calling medical assistance for black people they have just murdered,” one protester said.
D.C. police had asked the police chief Cathy Lanier if they could make arrests, but she ordered them to stand down.

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