Saturday, October 4, 2014

This Civil War Vet’s 124 Year-Old Grave Warning Perfectly Predicted Obama’s Presidency

by:Norvell Rose 
He died more than 124 years ago, but Nathaniel Grigsby could be seen by many in America as a modern-day prophet. 

Said to have been a Kansas farmer, Second Lieutenant in the Indiana Cavalry, and “dear friend” of Abraham Lincoln, Grigsby left specific instructions for a carefully worded engraving on his tombstone.
Grigsby’s dire “warning” has been noted before in blogs and on news websites; but given all that’s currently happening in the country — considering the radical, unrelenting efforts of Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats to “fundamentally change” America no matter the cost or consequence to liberty or to the treasury — Nathaniel Grigsby’s cry from the past is all the more meaningful.
And by the way, multiple fact-checking websites have confirmed the authenticity of the prescient inscription you’re about to see…and likely marvel at.
What hasn’t been explained, though, is how this fellow knew to caution generations ahead to beware of the “party of treason.”


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