Friday, October 3, 2014

Bottom line message to MSM and yes Fox News also the elite et al...

Rich Kids of Instagram - Rich Kids of Instagram - NY Daily News
Homes of the rich and famous

Y'all have made fame and fortune enjoying your freedom and toys on the backs of Middle America who makes up the volunteer military...You continue to allow the progressives who put Obama into office for not just one term but two and who is on a mission to destroy the US Constitution,the Bill of Rights and your wonderful lifestyle...Newsflash we the people OathKeepers and patriots are growing weary of sounding the alarm to the deaf and dumb..Y'all continue to hide your head in the sand rant and rave,sugar coat everything while hiding behind the easy excuse of being politically correct in order to keep your elite jobs with big paychecks while those in uniform keep trying to keep the head hunters at bay for little more than minimum wage!

Bottom line....very few of you took the time to serve your country and get you hands were just way too busy enjoying your toys and leaving the dirty work to patriots...well here is the hard blunt truth...when the proverbial s*** hits the fan don't wait for patriots to come to your aid...we will be way to busy defending ourselves,our families and each other #Patriots...y'all will be on your own to defend your property,toys and family members from pillage,rape and beheadings...I will give you maybe 15 minutes of defense before it is said,done and over for you and have no experience nor training in self defense nor survival.

Until we patriots see y'all defending our opinions on what needs to be done don't expect us to come to your defense as y'all allowed it to happen! You have been is up to you if you want our help not if but when terror comes to visit you and yours!

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